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Brian Balmages

Brian Balmages

Brian Balmages (b. 1975) is an award-winning composer, conductor, producer, and performer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music from James Madison University and a master’s degree from the University of Miami in Florida. His compositions have been performed worldwide at the state, national and international level. His active schedule of commissions and premieres has incorporated groups ranging from elementary schools to professional ensembles, including the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Miami Symphony Orchestra, University of Miami Wind Ensemble, Boston Brass, and the Dominion Brass Ensemble. In 2012, Mr. Balmages received the prestigious Albert Austin Harding Award from the American School Band Directors Association. He is also a 2010 winner of the Harvey G. Phillips Award for Compositional Excellence, presented by the International Tuba-Euphonium Association.

As a conductor, Mr. Balmages enjoys engagements with numerous all-state and regional honor bands and orchestras along with university and professional groups. Notable guest conducting appearances have included the Midwest Clinic, Western International Band Clinic, National Association for Music Educators, American School Band Directors Association, CBDNA, the Kennedy Center, and Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. He has also served as an adjunct professor of instrumental conducting and Acting Symphonic Band Director at Towson University in Maryland.

Currently, Mr. Balmages is the Director of Instrumental Publications for The FJH Music Company Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He resides in Baltimore with his wife Lisa and their two sons.

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O Mio Babbino Caro (from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi)Concert BandFJH Concert Band5+B1001 
Invictus Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1002 
Proclamation Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1006 
Rite of Passage Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1018 
Of Emperors and Chariots Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1019 
Summer Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1020 
Camptown Variations Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1040 
Instant Christmas Spirit (Just Add Band and Stir)Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1048 
Blue Ridge Impressions Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1052 
Star Above, Shine Brightly Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1053 
African Journey Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1064 
View of the World, A Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1088 
Legacy (Processional for Band)Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1089 
Legend Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1091 
Dragonfly Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1092 
Winter Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1100 
Parade of the Jesters Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1104 
Chesapeake Serenade Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1109 
Gettysburg Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1120 
Sound Prisms Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1138 
In Nature's Glory Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1144 
Shenandoah Triptych Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1145 
Proudly We Hail Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1150 
Through Courageous Eyes Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1155 
Miramar Fanfare Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1156 
Conquest Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1157 
Awakening, The Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1184 
Whispering Winds Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1185 
Smithsonian Suite Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1189 
Flight of the Griffin Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4.5B1192 
Symphonic Episodes Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1197 
Incantation and Ritual Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1201 
Jingle Bell Tones Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1206 
Among the Clouds Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1225 
Courtly Dance and Procession Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1234 
Beyond the Summit Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1237 
Images of Ireland Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1239 
Loudoun Praises Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1240 
When Spirits Soar Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1253 
Kilauea (The Volcano's Fury)Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1256 
Chant and Savage Dance Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1259 
Midnight Mission (from Midnight Suite)Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1269 
Olympia Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1270 
Flight Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1280 
Motion Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4.5B1283 
...Not Afraid to Dream Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1284 
Comet Ride Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1291 
Summit City Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1297 
Majestica Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1303 
Moscow, 1941 Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1320 
Midnight Sky (from Midnight Suite)Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1321 
Fusion Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4.5 - 5B1324 
Sparks Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1327 
Midnight Madness (from Midnight Suite)Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1329 
Starscapes Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1333 
Winged Victory (Beacons of Light)Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1340 
Winged Victory (Beacons of Light) Elementary Supplemental (A)Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1341 
Winged Victory (Beacons of Light) Intermediate Supplemental Set (B)Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1342 
Waves Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1348 
Rocky Mountain Romp Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1356 
Rain Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1357 
Three Celtic Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1358 
Raging Machines Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1359 
Nutcracker, The (Overture and Trepak)Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1360 
Five Progressive Chorales for Developing Bands Concert BandFJH Developing Band1 - 2.5B1363 
Etowah Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1366 
Rhythms and Riffs Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1376 
Summer Resounding! Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1384 
Starsplitter Fanfare Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1390 
Midnight on Main Street Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1392 
Scenes from an Ocean Voyage Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5 - 2B1400 
Reverberations Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1405 
Electricity Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1410 
Kindred Spirits Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1414 
Whale Warriors Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1416 
Arabian Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1419 
Through the Mist Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1420 
Silence Overwhelmed Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1429 
Kitsune: The Fox Spirits Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1432 
Elements (Petite Symphony)Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1437 
Journal for a Soldier Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5 - 4B1443 
Stampede Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1449 
Escape from the Deep Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1450 
Creatures in the Attic Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1451 
Colliding Visions Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1452 
Ichabod Fanfare Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1460 
Temple of the Murals Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1469 
Apparitions Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1470 
Jungle Dance Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1476 
Gravity Wave Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1479 
Fanfare Heroica Concert BandMOS Performance Series0.5B1480 
Nevermore Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1491 
Tomorrow's Yesterdays Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1493 
Warm-Up Fundamentals for Concert Band Concert BandFJH Band B1494 
Joy in All Things Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1498 
Metal Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1501 
Rise of the Bladesmith Concert BandMOS Performance Series0.5B1504 
Within the Castle Walls Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1509 
Fanfare and Fireworks Concert BandFJH Beginning Band Plus1 - 1.5B1516 
Hypnotic Fireflies Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1522 
Sun Cycles Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1525 
Still Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1530 
Falcon Fanfare Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1531 
House Divided, A Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1539 
Blue Ridge Reel Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1546 
Groove Music Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1550 
Always United, Forever Strong Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1557 
Endless Rainbows Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1564 
Shadows Unleashed Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1566 
Call of the Wild Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1572 
Enchantment Concert BandMOS Performance Series0.5B1573 
Haunted Clocks Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1576 
Evocatio Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1577 
Forever... Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5 - 2B1586 
Marche Diabolique Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1596 
Phasing Thunder Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1598 
Broken Marionette, The Concert BandMOS Performance Series0.5B1608 
Star-Spangled Banner, The Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1615 
Open Space Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1617 
Joy of Life Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1618 
Fanfare on a Theme of Imagination Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1619 
Spirit of Aloha, The (Island Dance)Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1620 
That Which Binds Us Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1626 
Rippling Watercolors Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1628 
Into the Arctic Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1645 
Concerto for Two Hands Concert BandMOS Performance Series0.5 - 1B1646 
Backstage Pass Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1647 
Lullaby to the Moon Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1653 
Grace Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1654 
Shrine of the Fallen Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1664 
Spirit of the Stallion Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1668 
Legend of the Drop Bear Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1673 
Synthesis Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1674 
Shadow Waltzes Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1679 
Tears of Arizona, The Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1680 
Renaissance Reimagined Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1685 
Eagles Among Us Concert BandFJH Young Band Plus2B1686 
Fiesta de los Toros Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1692 
Swirling Prisms Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1694 
Bringer of War Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1695 
Spontaneous Beings Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1699 
Industrial Loops Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1714 
Twittering Machine Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1715 
Festive Fanfare, A Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1718 
Infinite Hope Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1721 
Gateways Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1732 
Homage to Bharat Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1733 
American Big Top Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1735 
Primal Dances Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1736 
Solitary Wish, A Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1737 
Boom and Bust Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1747 
Radiance Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1750 
Metamorphic Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1757 
Pikes Peak Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1767 
3, 2, 1... Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1769 
Thunderbolt Fanfare Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1776 
Thrill Ride Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1780 
Breaking Point Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1788 
Festive Finale, A Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1789 
Miles of Blue Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1792 
Heart of Gold Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1802 
To Dance Among the Stars Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1808 
Pixelated World Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1812 
Arctic Wars (Rise of the Penguin Army)Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1821 
Pride of the Clipper Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1827 
Colliding Visions Adaptable Concert BandThe Reimagine Initiative1B1828 
Moscow, 1941 Adaptable Concert BandThe Reimagine Initiative2B1829 
Blue Ridge Reel Adaptable Concert BandThe Reimagine Initiative3B1830 
Arith-Metric No. 1 Adaptable Concert BandThe Reimagine Initiative3B1831 
Centennium Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4.5B1844 
Wings to the Mind Concert BandFJH Starter Series0.5B1847 
Arabian Dances FlexibleFJH Flex4B1848 
Suite Treats FlexibleFJH Flex3 - 4B1863
Scottish Festival, A Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1849 
Breaking Through Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5 - 4B1853 
Symphony No. 1 for Brass Brass EnsembleFJH Solo and Ensemble5BR2001 
Exaltation Brass QuintetFJH Solo and Ensemble5BR2002 
Hopscotch Brass QuintetFJH Solo and Ensemble5BR2003 
Storm's Path, The Trumpet EnsembleFJH Solo and Ensemble5BR2004 
Hero's Destiny, A Brass EnsembleFJH Solo and Ensemble5BR2005 
Fanfare Canzonique Brass EnsembleCanzonique Music5CM7000 
Central Junction Tuba-Euphonium QuartetCanzonique Music6CM7001 
Pele Concert BandCanzonique Music4/6CM7002 
Escapades Concert BandCanzonique Music4.5/6CM7003 
Apollo (for Soprano Saxophone and Wind Ensemble)Concert BandCanzonique Music6CM7004 
Fantasia on We Three Kings Full OrchestraFJH Symphony Orchestra5OR5001 
Summer Dances Full OrchestraFJH Symphony Orchestra4.5OR5004 
On Top of the World Full OrchestraFJH Symphony Orchestra4.5OR5011 
Festive Fanfare, A Full OrchestraFJH Full Orchestra3OR5014 
Dream Machine Full OrchestraFJH Symphonic Orchestra5OR5015 
Super (Em)Powers Full OrchestraFJH Full Orchestra Plus3.5 - 4OR5016 
Arabian Dances Full OrchestraFJH Symphony Orchestra4OR5017 
Courtly Dance and Procession String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6085 
Celtica (for Solo Violin and String Orchestra)String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6107 
Variations on an Irish Tune String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6116 
Hey Fiddle Fiddle! String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6120 
Medieval Wars (Prelude, Tournament, and Ceremony)String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6122 
Tribal Dance String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6127 
Point Lookout (A Fantasy on Civil War Songs)String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4.5ST6134 
Creatures String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6144 
Danza Latina (for Solo Viola or Violin and Orchestra)String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2 - 4ST6156 
Morning Lights String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6157 
To Tame the Raging Rapids String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6158 
Spartacus String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6163 
Celtic Christmas Fantasy, A String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6165 
Phantom Tangos String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6168 
Ice Sculptures String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6173 
Wood Splitter Fanfare String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6177 
Into the Sky! String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6178 
Rhythmic Snapshots of Christmas String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6185 
Prelude and Fugue String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6197 
Scarborough Fair String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6214 
Two Winter Sketches String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6222 
Galop! String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6227 
Hunting the Wild Beast String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6228 
Burst! String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6235 
Dreaming String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6256 
March of the Shadows String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6257 
Legend of the Phantom Pirates String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6258 
Beethoven Lullaby, A String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6280 
Pepperoni Pizza Rock String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6281 
Possibilities... String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6285 
Afterburn String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6296 
It Takes One to Tango String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6299 
Lyric Metal String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6314 
Afterthoughts String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6322 
Rest Ye Merry, Rock Ye Very String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6325 
Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6328 
Voices in the Shadows String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6346 
Velocity String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6349 
Sweet Petite Winter Suite String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6359 
Perpetual Fiddle Motion String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6365 
Rhythm Dances String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6366 
Forever Joyful! String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6384 
Strings Cut Loose String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6385 
Lullaby to the Moon String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6386 
Impulse String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6389 
Fire in the Bow String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6402 
Abandoned Funhouse, The String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6403 
Moment for Peace, A String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5+ST6411 
Urban Concerto Grosso String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6412 
Solitary Wish, A String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6427 
10 Intonation Studies and Chorales String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra ST6429 
Intrada String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6434 
First Finger Rock String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6435 
Rise of the Olympians String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6455 
30,000 and Forever String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6456 
Riverside Celebration, A String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6457 
Where the River Shannon Flows String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6458 
Irish Junkyard Jam String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4.5ST6462 
Struggle in the Shadows String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6474 
East My (Rosin) Dust String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6477 
Suite Versailles String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5 - 4ST6486 
Instinct String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings0.5ST6487 
Greater Than... String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra1 - 3.5ST6488 
Deliberate Diversions String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6505 
Little Critters String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6512 
Five Before Beethoven String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5 - 2ST6513 
Blue Ridge Reel Adaptable String OrchestraThe ReImagine Initiative3ST6517 
Arith-Metric No. 1 For Strings Adaptable String OrchestraThe Reimagine Initiative3ST6518 
Abandoned Funhouse, The Adaptable String OrchestraThe ReImagine Initiative0.5ST6519 
(You Are) Amazing String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5 - 3ST6529 
Oliverian Fantasy (on a theme by Oliver Bartel)String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6530 
Never Let Up String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1ST6532 
Fire Within, The String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra6ST6534 
Sensational Solos! Popular Christmas Play-AlongSupplemental Materials2.5I-1043 
That's My Jam (Technique with Attitude)Play-AlongSupplemental Materials BB215 
Tuned In Concert BandSupplemental Materials BB212 
Count Me In FlexibleSupplemental Materials BB213 
Measures of Success for Band Book 1Concert BandMethod Books BB208 
Measures of Success for Band Book 2Concert BandMethod Books BB210 
Measures of Success for String Orchestra Book 1String OrchestraMethod Books SB307 
Measures of Success for String Orchestra Book 2String OrchestraMethod Books SB308 
Love and Light  Concert Band  5  
Stages  Concert Band 5+   
Momentous (for single or multi-level string orchestra)String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra0.5 - 2ST6546
All the Things String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6549
Double Agent String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6550
Unknown (Medium-Level Version) Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1864
Unknown (Medium Easy Version) Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1865
Crystal Fountain, The Concert BandFJH Young Band1B1866
Fanfare Forza Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1875
Fire’s Fury, The Concert BandFJH Starter Series1B1879
What I Do Today… Concert BandFJH Young Band0.5B1882
Action Scene Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1885
Jungle Dance FlexibleFJH Flex Series2.5B1886