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FJH Concert Band

(Grade 3 - 3.5) Designed for high school groups and upper- level middle school groups. Independence is encouraged, but many lines are cross-cued. Usually includes an expanded percussion section.

O Mio Babbino Caro (from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi)Puccini, GiacomoBalmages, Brian3B1001 
In Quest of Excellence Longfield, Robert 3B1003 
Freedom, Justice, Honor Longfield, Robert 3B1005 
Adirondack Park Fraley, Ryan 3B1014 
When Summer's in the Meadow Longfield, Robert 3B1050 
Twelve Chorales for the Developing Band Hilliard, Quincy C. 3B1051 
Passacaglia on an Old English Carol Longfield, Robert 3.5B1055 
Forbidden Caverns, The Hilliard, Quincy C. 3B1059 
Myths and Legends Grice, Rob 3B1065 
Lullaby Sharp, Chris 3B1070 
Fantasy on an Australian Song Cowan / PatersonKopetz, Barry E.3B1073 
Scenes from Grand Lake Kopetz, Barry E. 3.5B1074 
Il Trovatore (Anvil Chorus and Miserere)Verdi, Giuseppe 3B1075 
Purcell Cortege, A Purcell, HenryBulla, Stephen3B1085 
Rio Bravo Overture Gruner, Greg 3B1090 
Lest We Forget Del Borgo, Elliot 3.5B1121 
In Heaven's Air Hazo, Samuel R. 3B1129 
Proudly We Hail Smith, John StaffordBalmages, Brian3B1150 
Mikado, The (Overture)Sullivan, ArthurConley, Lloyd3.5B1164 
New England Suite Del Borgo, Elliot 3.5B1172 
Each Time You Tell Their Story Hazo, Samuel R. 3B1178 
Sea Trilogy Del Borgo, Elliot 3B1187 
Walden Sharp, Chris 3B1194 
Menuetto from Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K 500Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLongfield, Robert3B1204 
Tenth Regiment March Hall, Robert BrownBalent, Andrew3B1209 
Da Vinci Sketches Morales, Erik 3B1211 
Touch of Christmas, A Suite 2VariousApplebaum, Stan3B1213 
Roswell, 1947 Barrett, Roland 3B1218 
Visions of Sugar Plums VariousSharp, Chris3B1220 
Dies Irae Del Borgo, Elliot 3.5B1224 
Among the Clouds Balmages, Brian 3B1225 
Finale (from Symphony No. 4)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichBalent, Andrew3B1242 
Butterfly's Ball from A Child's Garden of VersesFraley, Ryan 3B1249 
Rollercoaster! Mahaffey, Jim 3B1252 
When Spirits Soar Balmages, Brian 3B1253 
Sunchasers Barrett, Roland 3B1255 
Showstoppin' Christmas, A  Sharp, Chris3B1274 
...Not Afraid to Dream Balmages, Brian 3B1284 
All-American, The (Concert March)Sharp, Chris 3.5B1285 
Through Darkened Sleepy Hollow Morales, Erik 3B1299 
Firefall Barrett, Roland 3B1300 
Jupiter (from The Planets)Holst, GustavOwens, William3B1306 
To Sail Beyond the Stars Loest, Timothy 3B1307 
Three Scottish Vistas Owens, William 3B1323 
Raiders of the High Seas Morales, Erik 3B1330 
March Jubiloso Jenkins, Darren W. 3.5 - 4B1331 
Thunderscape Morales, Erik 3.5B1332 
Fanfare and Jubilation Barrett, Roland 3B1345 
Waves Balmages, Brian 3B1348 
Buccaneer Hornpipe Sharp, Chris 3B1354 
Rituals Barrett, Roland 3B1362 
Hive, The (Survival and Sacrifice)Morales, Erik 3.5 - 4B1368 
Dances Americanesque Owens, William 3.5B1369 
With Good Will and Glad Tidings  Owens, William3B1372 
Stowaway on Santa's Sleigh, A (Around the World on Christmas Eve) Sharp, Chris3B1374 
Summer Resounding! Balmages, Brian 3B1384 
Four Moons Morales, Erik 3.5B1388 
Sunburst Morales, Erik 3B1391 
Rockwell Portrait Morales, Erik 3B1404 
Reverberations Balmages, Brian 3B1405 
Pirates! Weller, Travis J. 3.5B1411 
Kindred Spirits Balmages, Brian 3B1414 
But Joy Comes... Owens, William 3B1424 
Frontier Fought and a City Found, A Weller, Travis J. 3.5B1434 
Heart of Madness, The Lortz, Mark 3.5B1436 
Good King Wence-SALSA! TraditionalMorales, Erik3B1442 
Journal for a Soldier Balmages, Brian 3.5 - 4B1443 
Country Bandstand Syler, James 3.5 - 4B1446 
March of the Patriots Morales, Erik 3B1455 
Trombone Tiger Rag  Sharp, Chris3B1459 
Moravian Dance Weller, Travis J. 3.5 - 4B1465 
First We Dream Morales, Erik 3B1467 
Temple of the Murals Balmages, Brian 3B1469 
Phoenix Fanfare Stephenson, James M. 3.5B1481 
Expression Fitzpatrick, Craig Andrew 3B1484 
American Spectacular, An  Sharp, Chris3.5B1486 
Spring River Fantasy Owens, William 3B1488 
Nevermore Balmages, Brian 3B1491 
Remembering Yesterdays Stephenson, James M. 3B1492 
Within the Castle Walls Balmages, Brian 3B1509 
Christmas Spectacular, A  Sharp, Chris3.5 - 4B1510 
Masters of the March  Sharp, Chris3.5B1517 
Spyscape Loest, Timothy 3B1523 
Cantique Syler, James 3B1528 
Caliber Morales, Erik 3B1529 
Carnegie Anthem Owens, William 3.5B1534 
Jubilant Flourishes Weller, Travis J. 3B1535 
Reverie Debussy, ClaudeMorales, Erik3B1538 
Tudor Sketches Owens, William 3B1544 
Hocus Pocus Syler, James 3.5 - 4B1553 
Hark! The Herald Angels Swing  Sharp, Chris3B1562 
Endless Rainbows Balmages, Brian 3B1564 
America, The Beautiful Ward, Samuel A.Morales, Erik3B1571 
Call of the Wild Balmages, Brian 3B1572 
Fusion Generator Fraley, Ryan 3.5B1575 
Foiled Again ! Wilds, Jack 3B1587 
Dance of the Trolls Forbes, Mike 3B1592 
Cotton-Eyed Joe  Sharp, Chris3B1610 
Fantastic Journey Morales, Erik 3.5B1614 
One Giant Leap Morales, Erik 3B1616 
Open Space Balmages, Brian 3.5B1617 
Spirit of Aloha, The (Island Dance)Balmages, Brian 3B1620 
That Which Binds Us Balmages, Brian 3B1626 
Kinetic Dances Standridge, Randall D. 3.5B1629 
Beyond the Ridge Ozley, Chris 3B1633 
Runaway Circus Train Morales, Erik 3B1648 
Keepers of the Fire Morales, Erik 3B1660 
Great Wall Owens, William 3B1661 
Spellbound Wilds, Jack 3B1671 
Legend of the Drop Bear Balmages, Brian 3B1673 
In These Last Day of Autumn... Standridge, Randall D. 3B1675 
Renaissance Reimagined Balmages, Brian 3.5B1685 
Across The Great Plains Owens, William 3.5 - 4B1691 
Spontaneous Beings Balmages, Brian 3B1699 
Viva! Wilds, Jack 3B1700 
Reign of Fire Morales, Erik 3.5 - 4B1709 
Fable Morales, Erik 3B1720 
Gimmicks Bobrowitz, David 3B1728 
Hero's Journey, A Lortz, Mark 3B1730 
Gateways Balmages, Brian 3.5B1732 
American Big Top Balmages, Brian 3B1735 
Primal Dances Balmages, Brian 3B1736 
Haywire Morales, Erik 3B1738 
Impact Standridge, Randall D. 3B1742 
Come Down Rain Wilds, Jack 3B1748 
Quicksilver Owens, William 3.5 - 4B1749 
Next Generation Fanfare Miller, Michael J. 3B1759 
Niagara Falls Sims, Adrian B. 3.5B1766 
Forgotten Tales of the West Sims, Adrian B. 3.5B1770 
Spirit of Cashel, The Wilds, Jack 3.5 - 4B1775 
Thrash Standridge, Randall D. 3.5 - 4B1791 
Brigid's Cross Hall, JaRod 3B1795 
Everybody Sang (In a Universal Language)Wilds, Jack 3B1803 
Tectonic Plates Sims, Adrian B. 3.5B1806 
To Dance Among the Stars Balmages, Brian 3B1808 
Sultana: 1865 Standridge, Randall D. 3B1816 
Nightride Sheldon, Robert 3.5B1850 
Breaking Through Balmages, Brian 3.5 - 4B1853 
Super (Em)Powers Balmages, Brian 3.5 - 4OR5016 
Country Club Stomp!, The Hall, JaRod 3B1876
From Glen to Glen Sheldon, Robert 3B1877
Unknown (Medium-Level Version) Balmages, Brian 3.5B1864
Wellerman Come, The Weller, Travis J. 3B1883