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FJH Developing Band

(Grade 1.5) Slightly more advanced than beginning band. Clarinet 1 begins to play over the break. Rhythms and ranges are expanded to accommodate the end of first-year as well as second-year instruction.

Coventry Carol TraditionalDel Borgo, Elliot1.5B1044 
Christmas Magic  Root, Thomas1.5B1049 
African Journey Balmages, Brian 1.5B1064 
Parade of the Jesters Balmages, Brian 1.5B1104 
America Smith, Samuel F.Longfield, Robert1.5B1118 
Take the Blues Train Longfield, Robert 1.5B1119 
Dedicatum Loest, Timothy 1.5B1134 
In Quest of Uluru Swearingen, James 1.5B1146 
Samurai Hilliard, Quincy C. 1.5B1149 
Stone Age Stomp Loest, Timothy 1.5B1151 
Calypso Carnival Loest, Timothy 1.5B1152 
Bill Bailey's Brass Cannon, HughieBalent, Andrew1.5B1168 
"X" Brigade, The (Action Heroes' March)Longfield, Robert 1.5B1170 
Galactic Conflict Loest, Timothy 1.5B1181 
Whispering Winds Balmages, Brian 1.5B1185 
Calypso à la Rondo Del Borgo, Elliot 1.5B1186 
Adventure Overture Loest, Timothy 1.5B1190 
Procession for a New Day Swearingen, James 1.5B1195 
Incantation and Ritual Balmages, Brian 1.5B1201 
Three Meditations Morales, Erik 1.5B1217 
Storm Surge Shaffer, David 1.5B1219 
Torch of Valor VariousBalent, Andrew1.5B1226 
Jolly Alto Saxophones TraditionalLoest, Timothy1.5B1228 
Windermere Overture Sharp, Chris 1.5B1235 
Legend of the Yankee Clippers Swearingen, James 1.5B1238 
Vikings Victorious Concert MarchSharp, Chris 1.5B1245 
Night Flight of the Gargoyles Loest, Timothy 1.5B1248 
Irish Tale, An  Myers, David A.1.5B1250 
Kilauea (The Volcano's Fury)Balmages, Brian 1.5B1256 
Can Santa Can Can? Offenbach, JacquesBalent, Andrew1.5B1268 
In Quiet Times Swearingen, James 1.5B1278 
December Sky Morales, Erik 1.5B1282 
Comet Ride Balmages, Brian 1.5B1291 
March Ceremonial Sheldon, Robert 1.5B1298 
El rey de Fransia  Sheldon, Robert1.5B1301 
Fire in the Night Sky Grice, Rob 1.5B1304 
Antiphonal Celebration Loest, Timothy 1.5B1310 
Santa's Rockin' Holiday Mix  Roszell, Patrick1.5B1311 
Night Before Christmas, The (for Narration and Band)Moore, Clement ClarkeSwearingen, James1.5B1315 
Reaching the Summit Shaffer, David 1.5B1316 
At the River Lowry, RobertLoest, Timothy1.5B1334 
Pride and Purpose Burns, Patrick J. 1.5B1346 
Carpathia Owens, William 1.5B1349 
Five Progressive Chorales for Developing Bands Balmages, Brian 1 - 2.5B1363 
Etowah Balmages, Brian 1.5B1366 
Mount Rockmore  Sharp, Chris1.5B1382 
Spring Owens, William 1.5B1386 
Fiesta Española Loest, Timothy 1.5B1387 
Count Rockula Loest, Timothy 1.5B1393 
Scenes from an Ocean Voyage Balmages, Brian 1.5 - 2B1400 
Angels Mix, The TraditionalRoszell, Patrick1.5B1403 
Jubilations! Owens, William 1.5B1412 
Along the Beaches of Normandy Grant, Tyler S. 1.5B1418 
Fantasy on an Old English Melody Loest, Timothy 1.5B1431 
Egyptique Owens, William 1.5B1439 
Bell Carol Rock Leontovych, Mykola DmytrovychFraley, Ryan1.5B1448 
Stampede Balmages, Brian 1.5B1449 
Stone Serpent Mound Loest, Timothy 1.5B1458 
Chant and Fire Ritual Grant, Tyler S. 1.5B1478 
Deck the Halls with Rock 'n' Roll TraditionalFraley, Ryan1.5B1483 
Albany Fanfare Owens, William 1.5B1490 
Curtain Up! Complete Concert Developing Band Vol. 1 Various 1.5B1497 
Twist and Stomp! Loest, Timothy 1.5B1502 
Project Mercury Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1511 
Castle Gate, 1924 Grant, Tyler S. 1.5B1519 
Sugar Plum Reggae  Fraley, Ryan1.5B1521 
Heroes Triumphant Owens, William 1.5B1524 
Hounds of Baskervilles Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1547 
Circle the Wagons  Wilds, Jack1.5B1549 
Anthem of an Era Grant, Tyler S. 1.5 - 2B1558 
Passage of Arms (Invocation and Joust)Wilds, Jack 1.5B1561 
Shadows Unleashed Balmages, Brian 1.5B1566 
Haunted Clocks Balmages, Brian 1.5B1576 
Zia Owens, William 1.5B1581 
Forever... Balmages, Brian 1.5 - 2B1586 
Ghosts of the Lost Ship Grant, Tyler S. 1.5B1590 
Syncopated Serenade Loest, Timothy 1.5B1603 
Carol of the Kings  Rogers, Mekel1.5B1605 
Megiddo Wilds, Jack 1.5B1613 
Big Mambo, The Loest, Timothy 1.5B1621 
March to Buckingham Palace Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1630 
Palo Duro Sunrise Wilds, Jack 1.5B1644 
Santaland Jam Loest, Timothy 1.5B1655 
Music for the Queen's Court TraditionalRogers, Mekel1.5B1669 
Swashbuckling Christmas, A TraditionalWilds, Jack1.5B1670 
Metalheads Standridge, Randall D. 1.5 - 2B1676 
Tears of Arizona, The Balmages, Brian 1.5B1680 
From the Concord Chronicles Grant, Tyler S. 1.5B1684 
Resplendence Owens, William 1.5 - 2B1696 
Shadow of the Longship Rath, Eric 1.5B1698 
Pulsate Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1701 
High Voltage Standridge, Randall D. 1.5 - 2B1710 
Greatest Gift, The Loest, Timothy 1.5B1713 
On the Kerry Shore Wilds, Jack 1.5 - 2B1726 
Destiny Fanfare Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1727 
Dark Ride Standridge, Randall D. 1.5B1739 
March of the Dragons Collins-Dowden, Mike 1.5B1743 
Land of Enchantment Loest, Timothy 1.5B1751 
Wings of Mercury, The Owens, William 1.5B1753 
Masters of the Symphony VariousRogers, Mekel1.5B1773 
Thunderbolt Fanfare Balmages, Brian 1.5B1776 
Off-Kilter Loest, Timothy 1.5B1777 
Alarm Standridge, Randall D. 1.5B1782 
Hammer and Forge Wilds, Jack 1.5B1784 
Lost Woods Fantasy Hall, JaRod 1.5B1790 
Secret Agent Rock Rogers, Mekel 1.5B1797
We Wish You a Scary Christmas! Standridge, Randall D. 1.5B1817
Champions Rising Sims, Adrian B. 1.5B1818
Storm Newbold, Soon Hee 1.5B1823
Critical Call Hall, JaRod 1.5B1824
Nebula Standridge, Randall D. 1.5 - 2B1852
Builder's Dream, A Sims, Adrian B. 1.5B1854