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FJH Young Band

(Grade 2 - 2.5) Appropriate for middle school and smaller high school groups. Second clarinets usually stay below the break. Parts are written with more independence, and instrumentation increases slightly. There is still adequate doubling in the lower voices.

Ode to Joy Beethoven, Ludwig vanDel Borgo, Elliot2B1011 
Phantom Ship Del Borgo, Elliot 2B1015 
Warrior's Dance Nott, Douglas D. 2B1017 
Camptown Variations Balmages, Brian 2B1040 
Instant Christmas Spirit (Just Add Band and Stir) Balmages, Brian2B1048 
Blue Ridge Impressions Balmages, Brian 2.5B1052 
Festival on the Rivers Grice, Rob 2.5B1056 
Medicine Wheel Nott, Douglas D. 2.5B1067 
She Who Watches (Tsagaglalal)Nott, Douglas D. 2.5B1071 
As Seasons Change Swearingen, James 2B1079 
Belle Journée Grice, Rob 2.5B1080 
Our Song Shall Rise Dykes, John B.Sharp, Chris2.5B1084 
March from Scipio Handel, George FridericBulla, Stephen2B1087 
Legacy (Processional for Band)Balmages, Brian 2.5B1089 
Alexander's Ragtime Band Berlin, IrvingJohns, Tom2.5B1101 
Theme from Swan Lake Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichJohns, Tom2B1102 
We Wish You a Merry Christmas TraditionalRizzo, Jacques2B1105 
Jay County Overture Taylor, Les 2.5B1106 
Africata Hilliard, Quincy C. 2B1107 
Spirit Within, The Taylor, Les 2.5B1108 
Joyant Overture Del Borgo, Elliot 2B1112 
Reflaxão e dança (Reflection and Dance)May, Lissa Fleming 2.5B1116 
Tidings of Comfort and Joy English CarolBalent, Andrew2B1126 
Ash Grove Variations Bulla, Stephen 2B1128 
Yuletide Celebration VariousDel Borgo, Elliot2.5B1133 
Call to Glory Del Borgo, Elliot 2B1136 
Quietly Come and Whisper TraditionalAlberty, Craig2B1141 
Shenandoah Triptych Balmages, Brian 2.5B1145 
Land of Liberty Swearingen, James 2B1147 
Cloud Nine Bernofsky, Lauren 2.5B1148 
Play a Simple Melody Berlin, IrvingJohns, Tom2B1153 
Through Courageous Eyes Balmages, Brian 2.5B1155 
Danse Antiqua Sharp, Chris 2B1161 
Nutcracker Suite, The (Selections from)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichBalent, Andrew2.5B1165 
Eine Kleine "Pop" Musik Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLongfield, Robert2B1169 
Miss Liberty's Promise (The New Colossus)Del Borgo, Elliot 2.5B1171 
Stand Tall America TraditionalBalent, Andrew2B1174 
Shadows in Time Hilliard, Quincy C. 2B1175 
Joshua Traditional SpiritualBalent, Andrew2B1176 
Ancient Visions Barrett, Roland 2.5B1180 
Angels We Have Heard on High TraditionalMorales, Erik2.5B1182 
Blaze of Glory Sheldon, Robert 2.5B1183 
Irish Festival Hilliard, Quincy C. 2.5B1188 
Ho Ho Hoedown Shaffer, David 2B1191 
Eternal Pursuit, The Nitsch, Jason K. 2B1193 
Nimrod Elgar, Sir EdwardSharp, Chris2B1202 
Cimarron Sunset Barrett, Roland 2B1203 
Rapp's Woods Ramble Longfield, Robert 2B1207 
Orpheus Overture Offenbach, JacquesBalent, Andrew2.5B1208 
Angels of Christmas, The TraditionalBalent, Andrew2B1210 
Juju Dance Sharp, Chris 2B1212 
Dance at the Lake of Miramoor Kopetz, Barry E. 2B1214 
Rhythmata Morales, Erik 2.5B1216 
Happy Hungarian, The Shaffer, David 2B1222 
Cheyenne Barrett, Roland 2.5B1229 
Great American Frontier, The Morales, Erik 2.5B1230 
Images of Ireland Balmages, Brian 2B1239 
Golliwogg's Cakewalk Debussy, ClaudeBalent, Andrew2.5B1241 
March of the Ladybugs Kopetz, Barry E. 2B1246 
Of Wizards and Warriors Barrett, Roland 2.5B1258 
Chant and Savage Dance Balmages, Brian 2.5B1259 
Lightning Spirit, The Barrett, Roland 2B1261 
O, Holy Night Adam, AdolpheMorales, Erik2.5B1264 
Aztec Morales, Erik 2B1265 
Kitchen Can Can (A Cooked-Up Concoction of Classics) Shaffer, David2B1267 
Purple Mountain Majesty (America, The Beautiful)Ward, Samuel A.Sharp, Chris2.5B1271 
At a Turkish Market Owens, William 2B1275 
Let the Flag of Freedom Wave Swearingen, James 2B1279 
Rise of the Vulcan Shaffer, David 2.5B1281 
Steal the Thunder Grice, Rob 2B1287 
Capricorn Moon Barrett, Roland 2.5B1289 
Sentinels Barrett, Roland 2B1292 
Friends of Freedom (Concert March)Loest, Timothy 2B1293 
Kamehameha (The Great Warrior)Owens, William 2B1296 
Modal Menagerie Brown, Richard E. 2B1305 
Hanukkah Highlights  Sharp, Chris2B1309 
Grand Canyon Jubilee (Fanfare and March)Morales, Erik 2B1312 
Sojourn Fraley, Ryan 2.5B1313 
Fantasia on a Christmas Carol (based on O Come, All Ye Faithful)Morales, Erik 2.5B1314 
Trumpets Rock! Sharp, Chris 2B1318 
Legend of the Nighthawk Swearingen, James 2B1319 
Moscow, 1941 Balmages, Brian 2.5B1320 
Go Tell It on the Mountain  Shaffer, David2B1322 
Sparks Balmages, Brian 2.5B1327 
Starscapes Balmages, Brian 2B1333 
Ghost Riders Barrett, Roland 2.5B1335 
Impossible Machine, The (Perpetual Motion)Morales, Erik 2.5 - 3B1339 
Winged Victory (Beacons of Light) Intermediate Supplemental Set (B)Balmages, Brian 2.5B1342 
Epiphany Morales, Erik 2.5B1343 
Santa's Fiesta!  Roszell, Patrick2B1347 
Flutopia (Fantasia for Flutes)Shaffer, David 2B1350 
Christmas Montage, A  Barrett, Roland2.5B1352 
Cruisin' Owens, William 2B1353 
Rain Balmages, Brian 2.5B1357 
Desert Voices Barrett, Roland 2.5B1371 
Forest Brook Overture Morales, Erik 2.5B1373 
Excelsior! (Concert March)Owens, William 2B1375 
Rhythms and Riffs Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1376 
Cloud Gate (Reflections of a City)Loest, Timothy 2.5B1377 
Fireburst Fanfare Barrett, Roland 2B1378 
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn / WesleyMorales, Erik2.5B1381 
Krakatoa (Mountain of Fire)Owens, William 2.5B1385 
Call for Peace, A Ciechomski, Brad 2.5B1396 
Irish Jig for Young Feet Weller, Travis J. 2B1397 
Fanfare of the Bells Lortz, Mark 2.5B1398 
Tangelridge Owens, William 2.5B1401 
Jammin' Caribbean Christmas, A  Sharp, Chris2.5B1402 
Electricity Balmages, Brian 2B1410 
I'll Be Home for Christmas Kent, Gannon, RamMorales, Erik2.5B1413 
Whale Warriors Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1416 
Red Baron, The Morales, Erik 2.5B1417 
In Autumn Owens, William 2.5B1421 
Spirit of Liberty Owens, William 2B1430 
Kitsune: The Fox Spirits Balmages, Brian 2B1432 
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Brooks, RandySharp, Chris2B1435 
Tales of a Medieval Warrior Weller, Travis J. 2B1438 
Honor Before Honors Hosay, James L. 2.5B1440 
Give My Regards to Broadway Cohan, George M.Sharp, Chris2.5 - 3B1445 
Escape from the Deep Balmages, Brian 2.5B1450 
Soaring! Morales, Erik 2B1453 
Kitty Hawk, 1903 Owens, William 2.5B1454 
With Valor and Brave Heart Owens, William 2.5 - 3B1462 
Song of the Blacksmith, The Holst, GustavLoest, Timothy2B1463 
West Highland Fanfare, A Weller, Travis J. 2B1466 
Apparitions Balmages, Brian 2B1470 
Housetop Holiday Jam!  Grant, Tyler S.2B1471 
Feliz Navidad Feliciano, JoseSharp, Chris2.5 - 3B1472 
Winds of Destiny Morales, Erik 2B1474 
Rhythm of the Spheres Morales, Erik 2.5 - 3B1475 
Jungle Dance Balmages, Brian 2.5B1476 
And Bless Us Every One  Owens, William2.5B1477 
Joys Everlasting Owens, William 2B1499 
Wingwalker Morales, Erik 2.5B1500 
Winds of Celebration Grant, Tyler S. 2.5B1505 
Last Stagecoach Heist, The Weller, Travis J. 2B1508 
Ironclads Owens, William 2.5B1514 
Dancing Snakes Simon, Neil 2B1515 
Hypnotic Fireflies Balmages, Brian 2.5B1522 
Sun Cycles Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1525 
Falcon Fanfare Balmages, Brian 2B1531 
Harlequin Dance Morales, Erik 2.5B1532 
House Divided, A Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1539 
Wobbly Unicycle, The Loest, Timothy 2B1541 
Credo Owens, William 2.5B1543 
Blue Ridge Reel Balmages, Brian 2.5B1546 
Festival Esprit Weller, Travis J. 2.5B1559 
Danses Terpsichore Sharp, Chris 2B1565 
Flourishing Noels (Fanfare on The First Noel) Weller, Travis J.2B1567 
Spit-Fire Owens, William 2.5B1570 
Jingle Blues TraditionalFraley, Ryan2.5B1574 
On the Wing Wilds, Jack 2B1578 
Shockwave Nitsch, Jason K. 2B1588 
Little Suite for Band Standridge, Randall D. 2B1591 
Quasar Owens, William 2.5B1594 
On a Russian Rowing Chanty  Wilds, Jack2B1595 
Marche Diabolique Balmages, Brian 2.5B1596 
Color Jam Loest, Timothy 2.5B1597 
Phasing Thunder Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1598 
Terminal Velocity Grant, Tyler S. 2B1599 
Do You Hear What I Hear? Baker, Gloria ShayneSharp, Chris2.5B1600 
Christmas at the Circus  Standridge, Randall D.2.5B1609 
Eyes of the Dragon Weller, Travis J. 2B1611 
Hopak! Owens, William 2.5B1612 
Rippling Watercolors Balmages, Brian 2B1628 
Hammer and Rail Weller, Travis J. 2B1632 
Jing Jing Jingle TraditionalSharp, Chris2.5 - 3B1636 
Festive Proclamation Owens, William 2.5B1637 
Heavenwards Owens, William 2.5B1638 
Carmen Christmas, A Bizet, GeorgesStandridge, Randall D.2.5B1639 
Mission: Apollo Grant, Tyler S. 2.5B1640 
Solstice Dance Wilds, Jack 2.5B1643 
Into the Arctic Balmages, Brian 2.5B1645 
Epic Venture Grant, Tyler S. 2B1649 
Extremis Standridge, Randall D. 2B1652 
Lullaby to the Moon Balmages, Brian 2.5B1653 
Mad Dash (Galop)Loest, Timothy 2B1657 
Yonaguska Owens, William 2.5B1659 
Legacy Fanfare Wilds, Jack 2.5B1663 
Wild West Saga Fagan, Gary 2B1666 
New Horizons Owens, William 2.5B1667 
Tanchozuru Standridge, Randall D. 2B1672 
Synthesis Balmages, Brian 2.5B1674 
Scattered Light Fraley, Ryan 2.5B1681 
Resplendent Light Grant, Tyler S. 2.5B1683 
Eagles Among Us Balmages, Brian 2B1686 
Congolese Owens, William 2.5B1688 
Laniakea Wilds, Jack 2.5B1689 
Block Party! Spineti, Joel 2B1690 
Paradise Awaiting... Owens, William 2B1693 
Festival of Flight Weller, Travis J. 2.5B1697 
Josie's Dance Bobrowitz, David 2.5B1702 
Boom-Boom Galop, The Standridge, Randall D. 2.5B1706 
Bossa Brazil Loest, Timothy 2B1707 
In Infamy Wilds, Jack 2.5B1711 
Twittering Machine Balmages, Brian 2.5B1715 
Tundra Owens, William 2.5B1722 
Destined to Fly Owens, William 2B1723 
Solitary Wish, A Balmages, Brian 2.5 - 3B1737 
Rollicking Hanukkah, A TraditionalStandridge, Randall D.2.5B1740 
To the Greatest Heights Bell, Jeremy 2B1744 
Scenes from the American West Wilds, Jack 2.5B1745 
Boom and Bust Balmages, Brian 2.5B1747 
Shimmering Joy Grant, Tyler S. 2.5 - 3B1755 
Caverns of Sonora Owens, William 2B1758 
Monsterville Spineti, Joel 2B1760 
We Wish You A Klezmer Christmas Bernofsky, Lauren 2.5B1761 
Golden Thirteen, The Loest, Timothy 2B1762 
Force Field Sims, Adrian B. 2.5B1768 
3, 2, 1... Balmages, Brian 2.5B1769 
Flourishes! Owens, William 2.5 - 3B1774 
River Poem Grant, Tyler S. 2.5B1781 
Where Words End... Standridge, Randall D. 2B1783 
Switchbacks Wilds, Jack 2.5B1786 
To Her Majesty's Delight Owens, William 2.5B1793 
Crowns of Glory Wilds, Jack 2.5B1799 
Energy! Sims, Adrian B. 2.5B1801 
Heart of Gold Balmages, Brian 2.5B1802 
High Impact Loest, Timothy 2B1805 
Tripwire Hall, JaRod 2B1809 
Danza del Toro Nitsch, Jason K. 2B1811 
Multnomah (Legend of the Falls)Owens, William 2.5B1813 
Wellspring Wilds, Jack 2.5B1819 
Dancing Lights Standridge, Randall D. 2B1822 
Fanfare for 'Our Time' Grant, Tyler S. 2B1825 
Grid, The Sims, Adrian B. 2B1851 
Loch Lomond Hall, JaRod 2B1856 
Flashfire Standridge, Randall D. 2.5B1860 
Silversides Owens, William 2B1858
Crystal Fountain. The Balmages, Brian 2.5B1866
Through the Storm Hall, JaRod 2.5B1874
Evergreen Escapades Sims, Adrian B. 2.5B1873
What I Do Today… Balmages, Brian 2.5B1882
Bellistic Christmas, A TraditionalLoest, Timothy2B1871
March Wunderbar Standridge, Randall D. 2B1880
Unknown (Medium Easy Version) Balmages, Brian 2.5B1865