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Kitsune: The Fox Spirits 

Brian Balmages
Grade 2

Inspired by Japanese folklore, this incredibly colorful work is based on two authentic folksongs that are both related to the mythical kitsune, or “fox spirits.” The use of alto and soprano recorders and unique keyboard / percussion effects helps create timbres and textures not often found in works at this level. A mysterious opening portrays an owl guarding a forest against wolves and kitsune. This moves into a vivid and wild depiction of the malicious (the mischevious trickster). The music then relaxes to depict the , the benevolent kitsune. Eventually, the two compete against each other as the music comes to a riveting conclusion and your percussionists transform into a massive taiko drum ensemble. Incredible sounds for young bands!

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: B1432 55.00
Score Only: B1432S 9.00