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Christine Davies

British born author, Christine Davies is from a musical family. Her mother was a school music and violin teacher, and she began learning the piano at the age of 8. Listening to her mother's string quartet inspired her to learn the cello. Christine spent many of her formative years making music, singing in choirs, and playing the cello in youth orchestras.

An Honor's graduate and teaching specialist, Christine has extensive experience in English, Welsh, Portuguese and American schools. She has drawn on her strong musical background to create choral, hand chimes and recorder groups, musical productions and community performances.

Christine believes that learning to make music should be fun and as an aid to her own music teaching, Christine invented a series of games. She has concentrated on developing the games in a logical sequence to aid children during the early stages of learning piano. The material covered in the games includes note reading, actions, dancing, and aural practice. The strategy proved to be a success and FJH published her first book, Games for Music Reading, in 1999.

Christine currently lives with her family in Virginia Beach where she continues to play and teach music.

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