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Welcome to another exciting year of music for concert band
from The FJH Music Company.

The FJH Music Company is pleased to present new concert band publications for 2020– 2021. We have taken great care to offer a variety of works for all your programming needs, and you will find everything from festival selections to marches, holiday and novelty pieces.

2020–2021 New Releases
2020–2021 Concert Band Catalog

A Comprehensive Musicianship Band Method

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FJH Starter Series (Grade .5)
Ideal for the first several months of instruction. These pieces are a comfortable length for students (about a half page of music) and are playable with as few as five instruments. All instruments are limited to a 6-note diatonic range. Several supplemental exercises are included to help teach different elements of each piece.


FJH Beginning Band (Grade 1)
Appropriate within the first year of instruction and beginning of the second year. Clarinets do not go above the break, and there is limited use of accidentals. Plenty of doublings in the lower voices.


Measures of Success®
Performance Series
(Grade 0.5 – 1)
Correlated with Measures of Success®


Real Music for Beginning Band (Grade 1)
Composed by Les Taylor, these pieces are very easy with many in rhythmic unison and 2 or 3-part harmony. The series includes novelty pieces and is ideal to get your students out of the method and into "Real Music."


FJH Developing Band (Grade 1.5)
Slightly more advanced than beginning band. Clarinet 1 begins to play over the break. Rhythms and ranges are expanded to accommodate the end of first-year as well
as second-year instruction.


FJH Young Band (Grades 2 – 2.5)
Appropriate for middle school and smaller high school groups. Second clarinets usually stay below the break. Parts are written with more independence, and instrumentation increases slightly. There is still adequate doubling in the lower voices.


FJH Concert Band (Grades 3 – 3.5)
Designed for high school groups and upper- level middle school groups. Independence is encouraged, but many lines are cross-cued. Usually includes an expanded percussion section.


FJH Symphonic Band (Grades 4 – 5)
Appropriate for accomplished high school, college, and professional groups. Includes expanded instrumentation and ranges.


Canzonique Music Company
For mature performing ensembles and artists, including chamber music and full band. Many of these pieces have been featured at national and international conventions.



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