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Welcome to a new guitar series by The FJH Music Company. The Way to Play! publications introduce guitarists to the particular style of music that they really want to learn: blues, bluegrass, classical, country, folk, jazz, rock, etc. From blues to bluegrass, from classical to country, we have you covered. Each publication contains standard notation, tablature and chord frames at every chord change. Listen to the free downloadable recordings. The ins and outs of the guitar are brought to you fast and effectively with engaging music and informative text. Let’s get busy!

Way to Play: Jazz Guitar, Riffs and Chords
Mark Tonelli and Philip Groeber

G1052 / 7.95

Dig into the two most desirous components of jazz guitar performance: soloing, and lush chord voicings.

1) Play and improvise a guitar solo using the unique sounds of jazz. Learn new riffs, analyze, and apply these riffs to various song forms, and add a touch of improv to five jazz styles:

Straight Eighth Notes
Jazz Waltz
Bossa Nova

2) Fill a room with the lush sounds of a beautiful chord melody. Learn how the pros take traditional chord changes and substitute jazz chord voicings to create beautiful jazz harmonies. Who doesn’t want to play a beautiful chord melody on guitar? Discover the three steps that enable you to arrange and perform you own chord melodies.

You will be doing these things and much more by using this intuitive publication.

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Way to Play: Bluegrass Guitar, Solos and Rhythm
Jay Hicks and Philip Groeber

G1053 / 7.95

Who doesn’t want to play bluegrass guitar? The music is easy to get into but hard to let go. Learn the basic chords and strumming patterns, add a little guitar solo magic and you are off into a new world of exciting acoustic guitar performance, very similar to playing jazz guitar.

1. Learn the way to play solo guitar the way the pros play. This easy to follow, step-by-step approach will have you “taking a break” with ease and playing some of the best known bluegrass songs in no time at all. Discover how to take a melody and create an improvised solo. Improve your guitar chops by learning classic bluegrass performance nuances and a lot more!

2. The basic keys of bluegrass music are explored using chords and various strumming patterns. Strumming techniques such as: the root strum, changing the boom, introducing the “9”chord, and using alternative fingerings teach you to jam in bluegrass style like a pro.

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