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Teachers: Parents are finding guitar teachers online more than ever before! Finding a guitar teacher utilizing FJH guitar methods can mean progressing quickly and confidently versus slowly and uninspired. Students play musically, learn excellent technique, and develop strong reading skills. We are creating a list of guitar teachers on our website. Make sure you’re not missing out on any potential students looking for a guitar teacher! To optimize your chances of connecting with more guitar students, join our Guitar Teacher Locator today. The Guitar Teacher Locator will launch here at in the very near future, but you can create your listing now!

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Yes, I am requesting to be listed on the Guitar Teacher Locator on, a publicly available resource. I understand and agree that the information I have provided will be accessible on the world wide web. The FJH Music Company Inc. (“FJH”) provides the Guitar Teacher Locator as a complimentary promotional resource. Please be aware that FJH has not verified any information that you have provided, nor has FJH screened any users that may contact you. FJH reminds you to continue to use your best business judgment, research and due diligence with respect to your interactions with potential students.




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