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2019 Midwest Performances

The Midwest Clinic
An International Band and Orchestra Conference
December 18–21
McCormick Place – Chicago, IL

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Charleston County High School
School of the Arts Symphony String Orchestra

Christopher R. Selby, conductor
Skyline Ballroom 375E, 10:30am

If Thou Be Near – arr. Carrie Lane Gruselle

Central Junior High Symphonic Band
Christine Belle Cumberledge, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 12:00pm

Thrill RideBrian Balmages
Caverns of SonoraWilliam Owens

Mount View Middle School Chamber Orchestra
Howard County Public Schools

Matthew DeBeal, Director
Ballroom W183, 1:30pm

Las PalmasBob Lipton
SpartacusBrian Balmages
A Glimpse of Winter (manuscript) – Tyler S. Grant

Berkner High School Symphonic Band I
Jason Schayot, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 3:00pm

Lost Woods FantasyJaRod Hall

Carmel High School Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Chen, Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, Margaret Hite, conductors
Skyline Ballroom W375E, 4:30pm

A Long Way from Home – arr. Carrie Lane Gruselle



Thursday, December 19, 2019

Clark High School Chamber Orchestra
Chuck Cushinery, Director
Ballroom W190, 8:30am

Eat My (Rosin) DustBrian Balmages
If it Ain't Baroque... – arr. Timothy Loest

Killian Middle School Honors Band
Rob Chilton, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 10:00am

Homage to BharatBrian Balmages
The Spirit of CashelJack Wilds

Westwood High School Symphony Orchestra
Joshua Thompson, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375E, 11:30am

A Festive FanfareBrian Balmages

Orchestra New Music Reading Session
Chicagoland Educators Orchestra
Frank Lestina, moderator
Vernon Hills High School – ret.
Bryan Miller, conductor
Leyden High Schools
Meeting Room W184, 1:00pm

The Water of Tyne – arr. Morgan Denney
Irish Junkyard JamBrian Balmages
SubterraneanKathryn Griesinger

Claudia Taylor Johnson High School Wind Ensemble
Jarrett Lipman, Alan Sharps, conductors
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 1:00pm

A Festive FinaleBrian Balmages

Lynbrook High School Chamber Orchestra
Mike Pakaluk, Director
Ballroom W183, 3:00pm

Concerto Grosso in D Major – Telemann,
arr. Robert D. McCashin
Get ReelingNeridah Oostenbroek

Cedar Park Middle School Symphonic Band
Britni Dunn, Jason Brown, Kyle Norris,
Roland Chavez, conductors
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 4:30pm

Metamorphic DancesBrian Balmages
Next Generation FanfareMichael J. Miller
Wellspring (manuscript) – Jack Wilds

Hikarigaoka Girls High School Wind Band
Kentaro Hino, conductor
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 8:00pm

Victory – Rossano Galante (HAFABRA)


Friday, December 20, 2019


VanderCook College of Music Symphonic Band
Alexander Kaminsky, conductor
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 8:15am

Pikes PeakBrian Balmages

Youth Performing Arts School Philharmonia
Dan Whisler, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375E, 8:30am

Dream MachineBrian Balmages
InstinctBrian Balmages

Jazz New Music Reading Session
The United States Navy Band Commodores

J. Richard Dunscomb, moderator
Ballroom W196, 10:30am

FallingwaterRyan Fraley (HXmusic)
Porto AlegreRyan Fraley (HXmusic)

South Middle School Symphony Orchestra
Omar Estrella, Cassandra C. Sanchez, conductors
Skyline Ballroom W375E, 11:00am

Warrior LegacySoon Hee Newbold
Arabian Dances (manuscript) – Brian Balmages

Concert Band New Music Reading Session
Bands of the Air National Guard

LtCol Bryan Miller, conductor
Meeting Room W184, 1:00pm

The Golden ThirteenTimothy Loest
Niagara FallsAdrian B. Sims

Ronald Reagan High School Chamber Orchestra
Sixto Elizondo IV, Director
Ballroom W183, 1:30pm

Land of DragonsChris Thomas

Grisham Middle School Honors Band
Liz Love, Director
Skyline Ballroom W375AB, 3:00pm

Everybody Sang (In a Universal Language)
(manuscript) – Jack Wilds
Lion's GateRobert Sheldon

Garcia Middle School Camerata Orchestra
Frances Weberpal, Director
Ballroom W183, 4:30pm

Rise of the MajesticsAlexander Safford
Ukrainian Dance – Mussorgsky
arr. Deborah Baker Monday


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