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Variations on an Irish Tune  

Brian Balmages
Grade 2

Based on Thomas Moore’s , this work uses the full gamut of styles and techniques, from bagpipe drones to lyrical playing and even fiddle music. The work is composed of three variations that run together seamlessly. The first variation has an Irish sound to it and makes use of the entire tune. The second, lyrical section is absolutely beautiful and offers an opportunity for working on musicianship and phrasing without overextending the group technically. The final section is reminiscent of fiddle music and takes the audience on a thrill ride that builds to a glorious conclusion. A wonderful piece to showcase your group!

Variations on an Irish Tune is based on The Minstrel Boy by Thomas Moore, one of the most important figures in 19th-century Irish music. After a brief, heralding introduction, the piece moves into a drone, simulating the sound of bagpipes. At this point

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Full Set: ST6116 55.00
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