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Hansel and Gretel  

Engelbert Humperdinck   Arranged by Carrie Lane Gruselle
Grade 3

Experience the magic of Humperdinck's famous opera based on the fairy-tale story of two lost children, a witch, and a gingerbread house. This arrangement includes three famous melodies: , , and . Each section is separated by a short pause, so directors can be selective if there is not enough time to perform all three melodies. An absolute gem that has endless educational and musical possibilities!

One of the most beloved children's operas is Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, based on the fairy tale of two lost children, a forest, a witch, and a gingerbread house. Three famous melodies are used in this arrangement.

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Item No.
Full Set: ST6147 50.00
Score Only: ST6147S 5.00