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Supplementary teaching material that is fun and entertaining, with a hands-on approach.


Edwin McLean’s Music Crossword Puzzles and Games
Edwin McLean

FJH1630 / 4.95

There is something for everyone in this fun book of puzzles and activities, no matter what your age or level of experience. The puzzles progress from very easy to advanced, and included at the back of the book is an extensive reference section which consists of signs and abbreviations, terms, composer listings, and foreign language terms. Students will quickly discover that even if there is a term or foreign word they don’t know, finding the answer is as easy as flipping to the back of the book. As a teacher, this book will make a wonderful gift to students, and help make learning fun!



Music Crossword Puzzles and Games—Composers
Edwin McLean

FJH2092 / 5.50

This book if full of enjoyable and educational easy to advanced puzzles and activities featuring famous composers. Included are crossword puzzles, pencil activities, labyrinths, connect-the-dots, and word scrambles that provide more than enough variety for students to learn as they have fun! This book is great for teachers to have handy in their studio for students to use while waiting for their lesson, or to give as a holiday and recital gift.

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Edwin McLean's Music Crossword
Puzzles and Games for Christmas

Edwin McLean

FJH1710 / 4.95

Beginner through Advanced
During the hectic holiday season it is helpful to have an activity that is enjoyable, entertaining, and provides a chance for some quiet time. Edwin McLean's Music Crossword Puzzles and Games for Christmas provides easy puzzles and games with more "pencil" activities for the younger students. This book includes a list of all the carols and songs used in the puzzle clues as well as reference pages for terms, abbreviations and signs, and composers - everything needed to solve these puzzles. Makes a terrific stocking stuffer for students of all ages!



Fun & Games, Book 1
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1061 / 4.95

This amusing book will both entertain and motivate young pianists. Students will enjoy the fun of playing a piece upside-down, make their way through a musical maze, and delight in many other puzzles and games while learning about eighth note rhythms, contrary motion, and more.


Fun & Games, Book 2
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1221 / 4.95

The second book in this series contains more humorous pieces with unusual challenges, along with enjoyable games that teach important musical concepts. Students will have fun with glissandos and enjoy playing "interactive" pieces while learning about tempo, dynamics, and other concepts.


Fun & Games for Christmas
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1269 / 4.95

Late Elementary
A playful way to musically celebrate the Christmas season! This fun-filled book includes creative settings of familiar carols along with entertaining holiday games that review important musical concepts.


Games for Music Reading, Book 1
Christine Davies with Carol Matz

FJH1231 / 5.95

Primer Level
Students will enjoy Rainforest Sounds, going on a Note Safari, making a Journey Into Space, and more! These imaginative games are designed to reinforce music reading skills in an entertaining and motivating way. All games are for two players: either student-student or teacher-student. Wonderfully illustrated and fun to color!


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