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"Arranged for You"


All the Pretty Little Horses
Arranged by Timothy Brown

YA9005 / 2.50

Late Elementary
Timothy Brown's arrangement of this American traditional children’s lullaby is hauntingly beautiful. There is a minimum of moves, and the optional teacher duet adds just the right touch for a sophisticated ensemble performance.



America, the Beautiful
Arranged by Melody Bober

YA9003 / 2.50

Late Intermediate
A lovely tribute to the United States, this poignant solo features moments of hope and great beauty. America, the Beautiful includes colorful harmonies, a singing right-hand melody, rubato playing, legato pedaling, a wide range of dynamics, and right-hand and left-hand octave playing.



A Day to Play
Arranged by Timothy Brown

YA9002 / 2.95

These playful, spirited pieces are based on Korean folk songs and arranged for the elementary pianist. Includes: The Spotted Cow, The School Bell, and The Mountain Rabbit.


Deep River
Arranged by Mary Leaf

YA9010 / 2.95

Late Intermediate
Arranged for the late intermediate student, this richly moving setting of an African-American Spiritual is full of sweeping arpeggios and rich harmonies. With the vast variety of expressive markings included throughout this arrangement, the late-intermediate pianist will have many artistic opportunities to express their own interpretation.



Fantasy on "The Londonderry Air"
Arranged by Melody Bober

YA9001 / 3.95

A lush, powerful arrangement of this timeless melody. Expression ranges from the delicate to the dramatic.


O Canada
La Vallée / Arranged by Melody Bober

YA9006 / 2.95

Early Advanced
This piano solo arrangement of Canada's national anthem has a big, orchestral sound, with open, arpeggiated chords, sometimes hovering above, other times supporting the melody. The final section moves from 4/4 into 6/8 time, making room for rising triad inversions, and a sweeping 32nd-note cadenza. Written for the moderately advanced performer, it is a worthy recital piece that is sure to be a winner both in Canada and the United States.



Purple Mountain Majesties
Arranged by Kevin Olson

YA9011 / 3.50

This fresh, modern interpretation of America the Beautiful is perfect for a patriotic event or recital. It is in 6/8 meter and starts with majestic chords in D Major; then moves to a rolling bass pattern and modulates to E Flat Major by the end.

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Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Traditional Spiritual
Arranged by Mary Leaf

YA9009 / 2.95

This lovely spiritual is arranged for advanced students and consists of sixteenth note patterns in the L.H. while the R.H. plays the melodic line ranging from single notes, to double notes, and chords. The middle of this piece changes key and also provides a change in material in a rubato style. This would be a great piece for a recital or other multicultural event.



Themes from Hungarian Dance No. 5
Brahms / Arranged by Emilie Lin

YA9007 / 2.50

This arrangement of Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5, written for the intermediate student, captures all the famous themes without losing any of the original's drive and spirit. A wonderful introduction and invitation to Brahms' style and energy. Easy to learn and always a crowd pleaser.



Themes from Piano Concerto in A minor
Grieg / Arranged by Emilie Lin

YA9008 / 2.50

A beautiful arrangement of the classic piano concerto for the intermediate level student, this piece includes hand crossovers with L.H. playing flowing, arpeggiated chords for one of the themes. The opening begins with the main theme in a dotted half two eighth note rhythm and finishes with a triplet quarter rhythm that is both aesthetically pleasing for the ear and also challenging to play.



Three Christmas Nocturnes
Wynn-Anne Rossi

YA9004 / 3.95

Late Intermediate
Both late intermediate students and more advanced pianists will enjoy playing these three Christmas nocturnes for recitals, holiday get-togethers, and church services. These artistic arrangements contain harmonies that are not always predictable, but yet are interesting and musically pleasing to both the pianist and the audience.

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