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Blast Off with Music Theory!
Maureen Cox
Edited by Victoria McArthur
A best-selling British publication now revised for North America, Blast Off with Music Theory! presents music theory in a step-by-step approach that is fun yet straightforward. Students may go as fast as desired since the materials are self-explanatory, a particularly appealing feature for older or more experienced students.

The series features clear explanations, a variety of activities, and a flexible, moderate pacing. Teachers will love the helpful review activities, permanent record of progress, and the high student motivation level!

Book 1
FJH1169 / 5.95


Book 1 covers: treble and bass clef note names; basic note values including dotted notes; tied notes, and rests; accidentals; half and whole steps; key signatures and major scales; degrees of the scale; intervals; tonic triads; basic time signatures and basic rules of music writing. Also included is a music dictionary and list of music symbols.



Book 2
FJH1170 / 5.95


The second book in this series covers the following: key signatures and major scales (through 3 sharps and flats); key signatures and minor scales (through 1 sharp and flat); sixteenth notes and rests; triplets; tonic triads (through 3 sharps and flats); time signatures of 2/2 and 3/8; and more.



Book 3
FJH1171 / 5.95


Book 3 continues with concepts such as relative major and minor, inverted triads, simple and compound time, transposition, ledger line notes, and the phrase.



Book 4
FJH1172 / 4.95


Building on the concepts presented in the first three books, Book 4 explores double sharps and flats, duplets and triplets, thirty-second notes, augmented and diminished intervals and triads, melodic ornaments, and more.



Book 5
FJH1173 / 5.95


Includes: pentatonic and whole tone scales, alto and tenor clefs, orchestral instruments, 64th notes, double-dotted notes, plagal and authentic cadences, and more.

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