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The FJH Classic First Scale Book
Victoria McArthur and Edwin McLean

FJH1266 / 6.95

Early Elementary
Perfect for the elementary student, this innovative scale book provides an introduction to scale theory and technique that can be used after the first few lessons! The concepts are explained in an easy-to-read yet comprehensive format. Included are: major and minor pentascales, chords, arpeggios, and cadences; one octave major scales (“white keys” only); major chord inversions; select one-octave minor scales and chord inversions; a quick guide to scale fingerings; and more.

The FJH Classic Scale Book
Victoria McArthur and Edwin McLean

FJH1132 / 7.50

A thorough and pedagogically sound guide to the essential patterns of major and minor scales, chords, cadences, and arpeggios, with concise instructional pages and practice guides, from the elementary through advanced levels. Provides the material needed to prepare students for auditions, contests and other events, as well as for building a basic pianistic vocabulary used in performing, sightreading, and improvising at the piano.

The FJH Classic Music Dictionary
Edwin McLean

FJH1149 / 8.95

A concise yet comprehensive reference guide for musicians – carefully researched and accessible. Many individual entries are cross-referenced to larger essay terms for increased contextual understanding. The dictionary features: handy reference charts, including an index of musical symbols, tempo indications, and a table of common words; the most complete, up-to-date dictionary reference for electronic music; a thorough guide to orchestral instruments; over 200 musical examples and illustrations; a listing of over 350 composers from the 14th century to the present; and more than 1,500 foreign terms with pronunciations.

The FJH Classic Note Speller
Carol Matz
These comprehensive, traditional note spellers are designed to increase confidence in students' note-reading abilities. A perfect supplement to any method, these outstanding books are suitable for piano, keyboard, and organ students of all ages, including adult students.

The FJH Classic Note Speller, Book 1

FJH1159 / 6.50

The exercises in Book 1 thoroughly cover: notes on the staff (from F below the bass to G above the staff); duration names for notes and rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth); sharps, flats, and naturals; grand staff symbols including clef signs; drawing up stems and down stems.



The FJH Classic Note Speller, Book 2

FJH1185 / 6.50

Book 2 covers: inner and outer ledger line notes, note spelling with key signatures (G major, F major, D major, A major), accidentals, and enharmonic notes.

FJH Classic Manuscript Paper

No. 1 – 6 Stave (Wide)

MM101W / 3.95

Perfectly suited for younger music students to use during or after lesson time, this handy spiral-bound 8” x 7” manuscript book contains 64 pages, 6 staves per page, with wide lines for easy notating. A complete notation guide within the front and back covers provides teacher and student with the necessary reference points to ensure good music writing from the start. A great value, and a must at the elementary level of musicianship.


No. 2 – 10 Stave (Standard)

MM102S / 5.50

The choice for older, more accomplished notators, this spiral-bound 9”x12” manuscript book contains 64 pages, with 10 staves per page, for standard music handwriting. The detailed guide spells out notation rules, from stem direction, to articulations, to ties and slurs, to notehead placement of 2nds and more, including how to punctuate lyrics! A reference which you will want to keep, even after the staves are filled.


No. 3 – 12 Stave (Standard)

MM103S / 4.95

Designed for standard notating and regular use by student or professional, this spiral-bound 9”x12” manuscript book also contains 64 pages, with an additional 2 staves per page. Staff lines are slightly closer in dimension, but are easily managed for writing and reading notation. All familiar features from Book No. 2 reappear in this selection.



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