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FJH Classic Editions
A carefully researched and edited series with new music engravings.

Album for the Young
Robert Schumann / Edited by Gary Busch

H1011 / 12.95

Based on Schumann’s original 1849 edition, this FJH Classic Edition by Gary Busch is the most complete student edition of Schumann’s beloved pedagogical masterpiece to date. Illuminating each piece is detailed historical, analytical, and interpretive commentary, based on the most recent research of Schumann family documents, along with an overview of the composer’s life and career. Present in the original edition, the composer’s “Musical Rules for Home and Life” are restored, providing insightful advice.



Brahms Waltzes Op. 39, for piano solo

H1003 / 4.95

Johannes Brahms had written most of his large piano works before 1865 when he composed this set of waltzes for piano duet. They were dedicated to the famous critic and author Eduard Hanslick, who was delighted, as was Peter Simrock, Brahms' publisher, who encouraged the composer to prepare a version for piano solo. Considered by the composer as a closed cycle, these 16 waltzes can be performed as individual pieces or groups.



Carl Czerny School of Velocity (complete) Opus 299
edited and fingered with commentary by Gary Busch

H1015 / 13.95

The School of Velocity is firmly established as the standard scholarly collection of technical exercises used by piano pedagogues for nearly two centuries. This volume is made up of four books of technical exercises, each book consisting of ten studies. Editor Gary Busch's careful and thorough research is reflected in this edition through his insightful commentary about Carl Czerny's life, his style and technique, and a unique guide to the individual exercises.



Edward MacDowell: Woodland Sketches, Op. 51

Edward MacDowell, edited by Gary Busch

H1017 / 8.95

In this edition of Woodland Sketches, Op. 51, Gary Busch provides unique commentary on Edward MacDowell's early life and training as a composer and teacher, as well as his performance style. Commentaries on Woodland Sketches, Op. 51 as a collection, and the individual pieces concerning their conception and development, will give great insight into these exceptional pieces. The editing and research provided by Gary Busch will highlight aspects of this collection that are unique to his scholarly approach.



Enrique Granados: Valses Poéticos

H1008 / 6.50

Valses Poéticos (Poetic Waltzes) is a collection of seven short Waltzes. One of Granado's most enduring works, this collection of intriguing compositions was intended to be performed as a suite; however, the waltzes can be performed individually or in groups.



A Handel Anthology

H1002 / 6.95

Consists of various movements from the two sets of Handel suites (1720 and 1733) and selections from other Handel keyboard works, including Sonatina in B Major, Air in D Minor, Sarabande in G Minor, Courante in F Major, Minuet in D Minor, Allegro in G Minor, Sarabande in D Minor, Courante in D Minor, Capriccio in G Minor.



Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist Part I
Preparatory Exercises

H1004 / 6.95

The Virtuoso Pianist first appeared in 1873, won a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1878 and since the time of Hanon's death in 1900, it has become one of the standards of piano technique. For this edition, each of the exercises has been engraved on two pages, showing fingering on every note of the first system. Includes six variations adaptable to any of the exercises and little known biographical information.



Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist Part II
Scales and Arpeggios

H1005 / 6.95

Part II introduces the core of piano technique. It begins with a continuation of the exercises found in Part I and gradually introduces exercises designed to prepare the student for playing scales, including thumb-under exercises. It also covers the twelve major scales with their harmonic and melodic minor scales, major and minor arpeggios, chromatic scales and arpeggios of the diminished seventh and dominant seventh.



Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist
Complete Edition (Smyth-sewn)

H1006 / 7.95

In addition to part I (Preparatory Exercises) and part II (Scales and Arpeggios), this complete volume also contains Part III - Advanced Technical Exercises - which concentrates on the skills required to play the most difficult piano literature. Octave playing is especially emphasized in Part III.



J.S. Bach Two-Part Inventions

H1001 / 6.50

Features a guide to Bach's ornamentations and little-known "triplet" variant to the first invention. Presumably added by Bach, or by one of his students with his permission, this rhythmic variation shows clearly the possibilities for personal experimentation with these pieces, and may well have been used by Bach to illustrate to a student how to "get good Inventiones" of his one.



Scenes from Childhood
Robert Schumann / Edited by Gary Busch

H1013 / 6.95

Early Intermediate
Written as reminiscences of the childhood world, Scenes from Childhood was Schumann's first work to earn the acclaim of critics and the public and has continued to delight generations. This meticulously researched FJH Classic Edition by Gary Busch is faithfully based on Schumann's original 1839 edition and diaries, letters, and other authoritative sources.



Schmitt Preparatory Exercises
Edited by Victoria McArthur

H1009 / 6.95

These classic, technical exercises of the 19th century cultivate good technique. Written in a wide range of topics from 5-finger patterns to scales and arpeggios in both major and minor keys, these studies are perfect for developing pianists.


Twelve Etudes, Op. 39
Edward MacDowell
Edited, with Fingering and Commentary by Gary Busch

H1016 / 8.95

Twelve Etudes, Op.39 composed by Edward MacDowell, is intended for the moderately advanced student. Since most of the etude literature written by the major composers are virtuosic in nature and intended to cultivate a brilliant and virtuosic technique of the advanced pianists, many of the etudes in Op.39 are unique in that the development of touch takes priority. In this edition, Gary Busch provides thorough commentaries about Edward MacDowell, the Twelve Etudes, Op.39, and the individual etudes within this collection. A brief description of pedagogical intent precedes each study in addition to practice suggestions for several of the etudes.







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