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The FJH Pianist's Curriculum

Energize Your Fingers Every Day, Book 2B

Helen Marlais and Timothy Brown

Short patterns guide technical development with specific goals in the sub-title such as: free arm, two-note slurs, rotation or balance between the hands. 2B uses larger intervals, ledger lines, cadences, one-octave scales, and more finger crossings. Students read, play and review an exercise (4-8 measures) every day and are encouraged to listen to the sounds they make. Helpful technique tips are found throughout.

Series: Energize Your Fingers Every Day Level: Elementary
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor:  Subject: Technique Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-61928-141-7 Barcode: 674398234486
The Grizzly Bear
Another Grizzly Bear
Running in Place
The Long Jump
Doing Chin-Ups
Blossoming Flower
Two in a Rowboat
Ready, Set, Go!
Looking at the Clouds
The Falling Snow
Ready, Set, Go Again!
Sticky Fingers
Climbing Up a Tree with a Friend
More Sticky Fingers
Doing the Splits
A Little Fish
Little Ripples
Ticking Like a Clock
Another Clock Ticking
Back and Forth
Swirling Cotton Candy
'Round and 'Round
Volleyball Game No. 1
The First Yawn
The Second Yawn
Floating on a Wave
Floating on Another Wave
Summer Picnic
Another Happy Day
Marching Along
Relay Race
A Butterfly Spreading its Wings
Gone Fishing
A Robin in Springtime
Volleyball Game No. 2
The Carousel
The Parade
Waiting for the School Bus
The Falling Kite
Mini Minuet
A Racing Boat
An Anchored Boat
The Singing Cello
Irish Dance
Higher and Higher
Being Stubborn
Leaves in the Wind
Fiddlin' Around
On a Balance Beam
The High Jump
Chasing a Kite
A Colorful Umbrella
Playful Chipmunks
Bouncing a Ball
A Bulldog
Going in Circles
The Dark Storm
Song of the South
Crocodile Underwater
Shooting Stars
A Train in a Tunnel
Taking Big Strides
Through the Forest