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The FJH Pianist's Curriculum

Pictures and Beyond, Book 2

Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee / edited by Helen Marlais

Continuing in the tradition of the great pianists and teachers who write etudes for their students, Dianne Rahbee adds to the genre with Pictures and Beyond, Book 2. The spotlight is on the different musical elements in each piece such as: intervals; rhythmic patterns; unusual scale patterns; and emotional expression. Includes a trio, a quartet (one hand for each player) a tarantella, and an Armenian folk tune.

Series: The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions Level: Early Intermediate
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor: Helen Marlais Subject: Literature and Repertoire
ISBN-13: 978-1-61928-195-0 Barcode: 241444381304
Theme:  Style: Contemporary
Playing with Minor 2nds
What Do I Hear?
Brain Teaser
Stretching Game
Armenian Folk Tune
Six Hands with Three Hearts
Together and Apart
Child’s Song
A Scale Rip-Off
Little Tarantella
Rippling Waters
Circle Play
The Chase
Eastern Tales (Journey to Where)
Eastern Tales (Little Folk Dance)
Eastern Tales (Georgian Saga)
Eastern Tales (Through the Desert)
A Quiet Promenade
Finger Parade