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2014 – 2016 FJH Federation Selections



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Dear Piano Teacher:
The FJH Music Company salutes the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals for promoting the study of music. We at FJH are well aware that through participation in the NFMC program, students throughout the country are motivated to learn and perform repertoire and experience the many benefits of music making. We hope this collection of fine repertoire will help to inspire your students and nurture their interest in music.

It is with great enjoyment that The FJH Music Company presents to you videos of students playing the piano solos, duets, trios, and quartets from the NFMC Federation Festivals Bulletin 2014-2016. The performers you see in these videos are students of Kristen Avila, Susan Crosser, Phil Erklen, Dr. Wendy Freeland Faughn, Mila Filatova, Cynthia Haas, Professor Kim, Chiu-Ling Lin, Dr. Helen Marlais, and Dr. Suzanne Torkelson. All of the pieces were learned in three weeks or less, so please take this into consideration as you watch these natural performances. I thank my colleagues and all the students who devoted their time to these performances; and I also thank the many parents involved in this big Fall 2013 undertaking! I hope that you enjoy the videos!

With all best wishes,
Helen Marlais
Director of Piano Pedagogy
The FJH Music Company, Inc.


Video credits: Produced by Dr. Helen Marlais
Special thanks to Christina and Stephanie Choriatis, and Ryan Fraley for the organization of these videos.


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