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A series of original piano collections celebrating the
creative artistry of contemporary composers.


An Alaskan Tour

FJH1143 / 4.95

Late Intermediate
This interpretive collection is designed to spark both the visual and musical imaginations of the performer. Sparkling, calm, playful, exciting... this suite offers a wide array of emotions for the student to explore.



A Day in the Life of a Cat

FJH1063 / 5.95

Early Intermediate
Wynn-Anne Rossi offers us a musical celebration of the beloved common cat - a piano suite which is an adventure into the simple, yet mysterious routine of our uniquely independent friend. Contents: Morning Stretch, Hunger Meows, Full-Belly Purr, Outdoor Safari, Afternoon Snooze, Daily Bath Ritual, Chasing the Night Shadows.



A Day in the Life of a Dog

FJH1183 / 4.95

Early Intermediate
Inspired by the composer's "best friend," this musical snapshot of a dog's life is both imaginative and playful! Contents: Morning Frenzy, A Perfect Scratch Behind the Ears, Taking My Master for a Walk, Gourmet Garbage, Bad Dog Blues Barking Song, Rabbit Dreams, and Faithful Friend.



Once There Was a Boy

FJH1165 / 4.95

Late Elementary
This unique collection is designed to celebrate the particular way in which young boys experience the world around them. These entertaining pieces are filled with fantasy, fun, and spirit.



Once There Was a Girl

FJH1177 / 4.95

Late Elementary
The special joys of being a young girl are explored in this delightful collection. These enjoyable pieces are full of wonder and imagination... just like the smart, strong-willed young women that served as the source of inspiration for the composer.



Surprising Solos, Book 1

FJH1295 / 4.95

Elementary / Late Elementary
The eight engaging solos found in this collection are packed with surprises that awaken the imagination. Surprising Solos is a comfortable stretch beyond the ordinary, written for the student (and teacher) who is looking for music that is fresh.


Surprising Solos, Book 2

FJH1296 / 4.95

Late Elementary / Early Intermediate
The second installment of the Surprising Solos series continues to offer students innovative music, filled with the element of surprise. These easy-to-play solos feature quick-changing dynamics, time signatures, harmonies, and movements on the keyboard. Students will learn to expect the unexpected!


A Trip Through the Rain Forest

FJH1057 / 4.50

Wynn-Anne Rossi has dedicated this dramatic, pianistic collection to the beauty and grandeur of our rainforests. Each piece is descriptive in nature, primarily focusing on expressiveness and musical interpretation.


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