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Helen Marlais' Student Assignment Book

FJH1776 / 3.95

This useful resource for students, parents, and teachers, helps organize lessons week by week and motivates students by keeping a record of their progress and achievements. The book includes: "A Guide to Successful Practice for Parents and Students", 48 Lesson Assignment pages that include a practice log, assignment writing space for teachers, space for student self-evaluation, 4 full pages of manuscript paper, and a "Performance Record" for the year. This assignment book has everything needed to keep students organized and on track all year long!



Student Music Writing Book

FJH1123 / 3.50

Twenty-four pages of widely spaced staves, just right for the younger student's early experience writing music. The book includes a thumbnail guide to music notation, with an actual example of music and identification of the musical elements.



FJH Student Assignment Book

FJH1162 / 3.95

A wonderful organizational tool, this assignment book includes practice tips, a record of important musical events, and weekly practice logs (including staves for teacher use).


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