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Pedal Technique

Pedal Technique, Volume One
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1361 / 6.50

Teaching Material
Pedal Technique, Volume One introduces the pianist to simple pedal mechanics. Beginning with hammers, dampers, and strings, students will become familiar with the inside working of the piano. The focus is then on the damper pedal– highlighting skills such as adjusting bench distance, keeping the heel down, and finding the pedal “floor.” Good habits that develop proper pedal technique are reinforced with a variety of pedal exercises and pieces.



Pedal Technique, Volume Two
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1691 / 6.50

Early Intermediate
Pedal Technique, Volume Two continues to instruct students on how to incorporate pedal use into their playing in order to create a fuller and more vibrant sound. This book includes both original compositions and excerpts from famous works by composers such as Beethoven and Debussy.


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