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Grade 1

Lesson and
Technique Book
FJH2056 / 7.95
FJH2056CD / 8.95

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Grade 1 thoroughly reinforces all of the concepts and the six basic techniques from the Preparatory level. New concepts include: melodic and harmonic intervals; tempo markings; quarter, half, and whole rests; legato and staccato articulations; Treble C Position, G Position, D Position, and Bass G Position (starting a 4th below Bass C); musical form; half and whole steps; tonic and dominant; the natural sign; upbeats and accents; mp and mf dynamics. The terrific motivational music by multiple composers along with the pedagogically sound approach will provide students with continued success!

Using the CD helps students learn and reinforce correct practice habits and provides students with an opportunity to play many of the pieces with a string quartet accompaniment (two violins, viola, and cello), recorded live!

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Recital Book
FJH2057 (with CD) / 6.50

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The Grade 1 Recital Book provides a wide range of repertoire that correlates to the Grade 1 Lesson and Technique Book. Students are taught a variety of styles from traditional folk songs, classical, and original music. The "Before playing" and "After playing" points develop musicianship, good practice habits, and excellent practice and listening skills.

The CD provides a way for students to engage their ears and hear the pieces played musically and technically correct. When students engage their ears, they will make rapid progress both musically and technically. Students have the opportunity to play many of the pieces with a string quartet accompaniment (two violins, viola, and cello), recorded live!

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Theory and Activity Book
FJH2058 / 6.50

The Grade 1 Theory and Activity Book reinforces the concepts taught in the Grade 1 Lesson and Technique Book by engaging students in writing, playing, rhythm, ear training, and special "Time to Compose" activities. The ear training activities assist students in recognizing rhythm and note patterns and include activities such as: "Follow the Leader"–where students listen to rhythms and clap/tap them back; and "Parrot Play"–where students listen to short melodic patterns or well-known songs and play them back. These creative and diverse activities keep students motivated!

Merry Christmas Book
FJH2059 / 4.95

Contents include: Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella;
O Come, Little Children;
I Saw Three Ships; Away in a Manger; O Come, All Ye Faithful; Jingle Bells; Coventry Carol; Over the River and Through the Woods

Sticker Book
FJH2060 / 5.95

Flash Card Friend
FJH2121 / 5.95

Music By:
Timothy Brown, Kevin Costley, Mary Leaf, Helen Marlais, and Kevin Olson

The Teacher's Guide
Preparatory and Grade 1 Levels
The Teacher's Guide includes information on how Reading, Rhythm, Technique, Music, Musicianship, and Theory in Succeeding at the Piano® are seamlessly integrated to provide a well-balanced music curriculum. This guide explains how to teach both levels in a page-by-page format, and includes teaching suggestions, practice steps, technique tips, and music history tips. The guide also includes information on how to use the CD’s and additional supplementary materials. There is a “Commonly Asked Questions” section as well as a section for parents called, “The Parent’s Corner.”

The Teacher’s Guide is a great resource on how to teach this innovative and creative new method!

FJH2136 / 8.95

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