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Grade 4


Lesson and Technique Book
FJH2075 / 6.95
FJH2075CD / 7.95

In Grade 4 of Succeeding at the Piano® students continue to cultivate musicianship and a passion for playing piano! New concepts are: triads and inversions; two octave scales; the circle of fifths; dominant seventh chords in root position; the trill; the key of B flat Major; 3 forms of E minor and G minor; diminished triads; refined pedal technique; sixteenth notes and sixteenth notes variants. Bach’s Prelude in C BWV 846 and classical themes by Brahms, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven and Grieg are interspersed with folk tunes and original solos by leading FJH composers. By reviewing the concepts of transposing, musical forms, intervals, and technical tips, Grade 4 supports the pedagogical foundation laid down in previous grades.

The CD reinforces good practice habits with a short, verbal, pedagogical comment between the practice track and performance track. It also provides an opportunity to play with a string quartet accompaniment for some of the pieces.

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Recital Book (with CD)
FJH2076 / 6.50

Engaging pieces, in a wide variety of compositional styles, reinforce valuable concepts presented in the Lesson and Technique Book. These compositions make fine recital, festival, and competition repertoire for students. Some of the selections are: Fantasie by Telemann; Minuet by Haydn; Musette by Gräfe; artistic arrangements of Tales from the Vienna Woods and Musetta’s Waltz; and outstanding originals by Timothy Brown, Kevin Costley, Mary Leaf, Edwin McLean, and Kevin Olson. Musicianship, good practice habits, and listening skills develop as students focus on “Before Playing” and “After Playing” points.

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Theory and Activity Book
FJH2077 / 6.50


The writing exercises are short and varied yet very useful and informative. The attractive format includes: fill in the blank; drawing; matching; and “Time to Create;” and a new icon introduced in Grade 4 called “Quick Analysis.” The concepts reinforced are: triads in root position and inversions; key signatures; intervals; dominant seventh chords; three forms of minor scales; cadences; the circle of fifths; sixteenth notes and more!

Merry Christmas!
FJH2078 / 5.95


An entertaining collection of Christmas favorites arranged in a variety of sounds and styles–an ideal choice for the intermediate student and excellent for recital or other performance. Contents include activity pages and these titles: Toyland; Still, Still, Still; Ukrainian Carol; Gesu Bambino; Angels We Have Heard on High; and others.

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