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Welcome to Helen Marlais’
Succeeding at the Piano®
A Method for Everyone

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What makes Succeeding at the Piano® different from other methods?

There are a number of distinguishing features that put Succeeding at the Piano® at the head of the class!

The innovative approach to reading combines conventional note reading with intervallic reading making students stronger readers faster.
The Lesson Books guide students with specific instruction for correct technique so they learn healthy habits from the beginning.
The elements of musicality are introduced early on in the Preparatory level, and teachers are reporting improved listening skills, stronger rhythm, and more effective practice sessions. The variety of musical styles presented in original pieces by six leading pedagogical composers and the great classics, engages students and introduces them to the wide range of musical expression.
Succeeding at the Piano® recognizes that learning is non-linear and creates a pacing system that encourages natural learning cycles. Succeeding at the Piano's natural learning cycles move students through units that fluctuate in difficulty. Athletes have long known that this type of training is highly effective, and we see that students are happier and psychologically healthier when they learn this way.
Familiarity training is another important pedagogical approach used in Succeeding at the Piano®. This pedagogical technique is certainly familiar to teachers who have attended one of Helen’s workshops over the years. When students discover knowledge through experience it creates a lasting impression that is carried along.

When students play musically, learn excellent technique, and develop strong reading skills, they progress quickly and confidently. Helen’s intent was to produce a method that would serve students and teachers alike and encourage a lasting love for piano playing. Typical methods have large drop out rates after the beginning levels. Teachers have reported very high retention rates between the levels of Succeeding at the Piano® showing that the students and teachers are happy and successful!

The correlating Theory and Activity Books make theory fun with Writing and Playing activities that reinforce the concepts learned in the Lesson and Technique Book, Rhythm activities that teach students to internalize rhythm, and composition activities in Time to Compose that teach students to compose their own original compositions. These books are also full of Ear Training activities!

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