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Preparatory Level

2nd Edition Lesson and Technique Book
FJH2266 (with CD) / 8.95

This book introduces basic rhythmic figures, dynamics, correct and healthy technique, notes in Middle C position and C position, reading from Guide Notes, basic intervals, and musical terms and symbols. The Tissue Box and Drip-Drop-Roll are two touch releases reinforced throughout the entire 2nd Edition. A cleaner look, easier student solos and teacher duets, simplified technique, and terrific motivational music build a solid musical foundation that instills love of piano playing. The CD allows students to hear piano music played well with correct phrasing, dynamics, and inflection.

2nd edition Theory and Activity Book
FJH2268 / 6.50

This attractive book with short exercises and captivating art presents writing, playing, rhythmic, and composing activities that lead students along the path of music discovery. Ear Training assists students in recognizing rhythm and note patterns; and Time to Compose encourages students to create their own pieces based on concepts learned.

2nd edition Recital Book
FJH2267 (with CD) / 6.50

Valuable concepts presented in the Lesson and Technique Book are reinforced in the Recital Book. Short practice steps and musicality questions teach students how to listen and enjoy music. Each piece has 3 tracks on the CD: practice speed, performance speed, and performance speed with orchestral accompaniments. Free downloads of all tracks are available at

2nd edition Merry Christmas Book
FJH2054 / 5.95

This beautiful Christmas Book starts students with pre-reading pieces so even the youngest students get a chance to play favorite Christmas music. Students play pieces on the black keys, Middle C, and "almost" Middle C position. The charming and colorful activities presented throughout not only visually enhance this very special Christmas book, but also reinforce the concepts learned in the Lesson and Technique Book. Contents include: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas; Up On the Housetop; Go, Tell It On the Mountain; Good King Wenceslas; We Thee Kings of Orient Are; Deck the Halls; Jingle Bells

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Sticker Book
FJH2055 / 5.95

Flash Card Friend
FJH2120 / 5.95

Music By:
Timothy Brown, Kevin Costley, Mary Leaf, Helen Marlais, Edwin McLean, and Kevin Olson


The Teacher's Guide
Preparatory and Grade 1 Levels
The Teacher's Guide includes information on how Reading, Rhythm, Technique, Music, Musicianship, and Theory in Succeeding at the Piano® are seamlessly integrated to provide a well-balanced music curriculum. This guide explains how to teach both levels in a page-by-page format, and includes teaching suggestions, practice steps, technique tips, and music history tips. The guide also includes information on how to use the CD’s and additional supplementary materials. There is a “Commonly Asked Questions” section as well as a section for parents called, “The Parent’s Corner.”

The Teacher’s Guide is a great resource on how to teach this innovative and creative new method!

FJH2136 / 8.95

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