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Lesson and Technique Book - Grade 5

Table of Contents

Page  04Grand Central Station & Minuet and Trio
Page  08In Flight
Page  10Learning Augmented Triads
Page  10-11Theme from Swan Lake
Page  12The Young Prince and The Young Princess
Page  14The Little Sprite
Page  16Spring Awakening
Page  18Minuet in C
Page  20Minuet in G
Page  24Sonatina
Page  27Review of Intervals
Page  28Sambalele
Page  29Little Romance
Page  32Twilight Fantasy
Page  34Voicing
Page  36Canon in D
Page  40Toccatina
Page  44Melody
Page  45Seven touch releases
Page  48Arabesque
Page  50The Banjo
Page  52Grandmama's Waltz
Page  54Jack Frost
Page  56Air
Page  58Deep River
Page  60Promenade
Page  64Variations on Reuben and Rachel
Page  66Suspense
Page  67Ballade