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The All-In-One Approach - Preparatory Book B

Table of Contents

Page  05Kangaroos and Racecars
Page  06Monkeys Up in the Trees & Monkeys Back on the Ground
Page  07Race Car Math
Page  08Sharing C
Page  09Theory
Page  10My Friend
Page  11Winter Breeze
Page  12Big Clocks in the House
Page  14Stars in the Sky
Page  15Don't Be Late
Page  16It's That Parrot Again
Page  17Bunnies Hop
Page  18Brave Sioux Warrior
Page  20Skips
Page  22In My Dreams I Sing
Page  23Playing Skips
Page  25Yankee Doodle
Page  26Water Lillies
Page  27Flashing Fireflies
Page  29Ode to Joy
Page  30A Happy Bass Melody & A Happy Treble Melody
Page  32Morning
Page  35Piano Polka
Page  36The Octave Song
Page  37Theory
Page  38Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Page  40Cardinals in the Trees
Page  41Evening Bells
Page  42Theory
Page  43The Grand Entrance
Page  44Vikings
Page  45In the Ocean
Page  46Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Page  49When I Jump Out of Bed
Page  50-52Tutorial