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Lesson and Technique Book - Preparatory (2nd edition)

Table of Contents

Page  01Proper seating height and distance at the keyboard
Page  04Beginner Level Essentials
Page  06The Piano March
Page  08Hiking Up and Hiking Down
Page  10Keeping the Beat
Page  11Happy Days
Page  12Yapping Puppy
Page  13Little Cottontails
Page  14Popping Popcorn
Page  15Tapping Feet
Page  16Kitten in the Tree
Page  17Melodies
Page  19Graceful Bird
Page  20Eating Ice Cream!
Page  21The Orchestra
Page  22The FGAB Song
Page  23Butterflies
Page  26Mary Had a Little Lamb
Page  28Yellow Spaceship
Page  29The Tree House
Page  30The Ice Cream Truck
Page  31Playing Steps
Page  33The Middle C High Step
Page  34A Rainbow
Page  35Moonlight
Page  37Guide Notes
Page  38Kangaroos and Racecars
Page  39City Sounds
Page  40-41Bass Clef Melody and Treble Clef Melody
Page  43A Big Snow Cone
Page  44The Tissue Box
Page  45Ringing the Bells
Page  46My Friend
Page  47Winter Breeze
Page  48Big Clocks in the House
Page  49Stars in the Sky
Page  50Bunnies Hop
Page  52Skips
Page  53In My Dreams I Sing
Page  54Playing Skips
Page  55Yankee Doodle
Page  56Water Lilies
Page  57Flashing Fireflies
Page  58A Happy Bass Melody
Page  59A Happy Treble Melody
Page  60Ode to Joy
Page  61Great Grandmother
Page  62The Octave Song
Page  64Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Page  66Cardinals in the Trees
Page  67Inspired by Nature
Page  68Grand Entrance
Page  69The Vikings