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Recital Book - Grade 2A (2nd edition)

Table of Contents

Page  03Mexican Clapping Song
Page  04Wizard in the Tower
Page  05I Love Saturday
Page  06Village Dance
Page  07Candlelight Waltz
Page  08The Gymnast
Page  10Chi-chi Bud Oh!
Page  12Riding On My Skateboard
Page  14Angelfish
Page  16The Seven Story Window
Page  17On a Unicyle
Page  18The Brook in the Woods
Page  20The Three Musketeers
Page  22Breezes in the Pine Trees
Page  24Shadows in the Moonlight
Page  26The French Poodle and the Great Dane
Page  28Midnight Express
Page  28-29Free Arm and Flexible Wrist
Page  30King Tut
Page  32Song of the Sea
Page  34-35The Damper Pedal
Page  35Sunrise and Sunset
Page  36Shimmering Stars
Page  38Spring
Page  40The Charms of London by Hummel, arr. Tim Brown
Page  46C major and C minor
Page  47Bushy Little Fox Tail
Page  50Ensemble Practice
Page  52Robin Hood
Page  58The Golden Pavilion