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Play Your Scales and Chords Every Day®, Book 1
Helen Marlais

FJH2173 / 7.95

All major and minor five-finger patterns, triads, and hand-over-hand arpeggios are presented in this book. Students learn technique with theory rapidly and musically by following practice suggestions, keeping on track with Did It! boxes, using valuable Technique Tips, and playing lively paced games.

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Play Your Scales and Chords Every Day®, Book 2
Helen Marlais

FJH2174 / 7.95

This book presents all octave major scales and arpeggios in the order of the Circle of Fifths. Features fingering charts, practice suggestions, Technique Tips and Did It! boxes, and four fabulous pages of photos that show a step-by-step approach to playing scales. Students acquire a technique that is consistent, musical, and easy!

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Play Your Scales & Chords Every Day® Book 3
Helen Marlais

FJH2175 / 7.95

Book 3 introduces one-octave natural minor scales and cadences. Detailed photos show a step-by-step approach demonstrating finger, hand and wrist motions, in addition to verbal explanations. Also includes a fingering chart, practice suggestions for natural minor scales, and check-off “DID IT!” boxes. This is a very useful book for students of all ages.

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