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Step Skip & Repeat, Book 1

FJH1128 / 7.50

Basic Patterns for Note Reading - Early Elementary
Stephen Covello
The first of a two-volume reading course designed to enable students of all ages to read music using the three basic patterns of step, skip, and repeat. Book I contains: basic instructional material with written work; etudes - progressive melodic pieces consisting of steps, skips and/or repeated notes; and songs - well-known folk, traditional, and classic tunes.



Step Skip & Repeat, Book 2

FJH1178 / 6.95

Basic Patterns for Note Reading - Elementary
Stephen Covello
Covello's simple yet ingenious approach to basic music reading is expanded in Book 2 to include hands-together playing. Sequential and methodical, the second installment of this unique reading course drills pattern recognition through playing in parallel motion at the octave, and at the third and sixth. Features etudes as well as familiar songs.


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