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Celebrate the Season
Kevin Costley

FJH2132 / 6.50

Late Elementary
Celebrate the Season is a late elementary collection of 13 traditional Christmas carols—both religious and secular. Uniquely arranged to focus on intervals, the pieces are patterned so students can explore a wide range of the keyboard. The arrangements are playable and pleasing to hear and include interesting notes below the titles featuring facts about Christmas.



Five-Finger Photographs in
Black and White
Kevin Olson

FJH1413 / 6.50

Beginning Students
Featuring artistic student/teacher duets for beginning students of all ages, Five-Finger Photographs in Black and White is an exceptional collection of six five-finger pieces. Written in a variety of styles and played on exclusively black or white keys, these pieces are excellent for recitals.



Folk Fantasies
Arranged by Melody Bober

FJH1203 / 4.95

From love songs to war songs, sea chants to lullabies, these treasured melodies have been passed on from generation to generation.



Fractured Folk Songs
arr. Valerie Roth Roubos

FJH2198 / 5.95

Elementary/ Late Elementary
Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, this amusing collection presents familiar folk songs with an added (quirky!) twist–the music and words are slightly changed to make them fun. Some titles include: Home on the Strange; Hush, Little Monster; I’ve Been Waltzing on the Railroad; Plop! Goes the Weasel; and more. Written with accidentals (not key signatures), these solos are two pages in length with lyrics. A fun book for a 1st-2nd year pianist, it could also be used as a “sight reading at your lesson” book for your higher-level students.

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Gifts of Asia
Emilie Lin

FJH2091 / 6.50

Late Elementary/Early Intermediate
A late elementary/early intermediate collection of some of the best-loved Asian folk tunes from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan that covers a broad range of musical moods and expression. Each piece includes a summary explaining the meaning and background of the folk tune, adding more insight into each composition. Teachers and students will find this a refreshing collection sampling the folklore of Asia.



My Kind of Music, Book 1
Kevin Olson

FJH1703 / 5.50

Early Elementary to Elementary
My Kind of Music, Book 1 contains 10 imaginative early elementary to elementary original solos. Each of the solos is an expression of the unique idea stated at the beginning of the piece. These short explanations offer students quick points to focus on in order to creatively interpret the piece. Pieces such as "Making Faces," "Spider vs. Fly," and "Tiger Tracks" are just a few of the descriptive titles to become favorites for your elementary student!



My Kind of Music, Book 2
Kevin Olson

FJH1704 / 6.50

Elementary to Late Elementary
Book 2, written for the elementary to late elementary level student, contains 9 descriptive solos containing a brief thought or point written under the title to guide interpretation. Students will have fun playing these descriptive pieces and making them their own as they declare "Hey! That's my kind of music!"



My Kind of Music, Book 3
Kevin Olson

FJH2019 / 5.95

Early Intermediate
My Kind of Music, Book 3 is a collection of nine unique solos for the intermediate level student. Evocative of a Middle Eastern marketplace, the modal melody of On the Streets of Cairo is challenging fun with accidentals, while Sneaking Around is great fun with suspenseful staccatos! Other pieces such as Monument Valley, Lazy Afternoon, and Bad Way to Start the Day will certainly resonate with your students as they say "Hey! That's my kind of music!"



My Kind of Music, Book 4
Kevin Olson

FJH2021 / 6.50

The newest addition to Kevin Olson's popular series, My Kind of Music, Book 4 celebrates a myriad of musical topics! Beginning with the graceful celebration of morning, First Light, to the majestic solemnity of Gettysburg, this collection is a must-have for the intermediate level pianist. Other selections include: The Big Easy Blues; On the Wings of Pegasus; Ghostdance; Toccata in Twilight; and Catching Fireflies.



Pedal Technique, Volume One
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1361 / 6.50

Teaching Material
Pedal Technique, Volume One introduces the pianist to simple pedal mechanics. Beginning with hammers, dampers, and strings, students will become familiar with the inside working of the piano. The focus is then on the damper pedal– highlighting skills such as adjusting bench distance, keeping the heel down, and finding the pedal “floor.” Good habits that develop proper pedal technique are reinforced with a variety of pedal exercises and pieces.



Pedal Technique, Volume Two
Wynn-Anne Rossi

FJH1691 / 6.50

Early Intermediate
Pedal Technique, Volume Two continues to instruct students on how to incorporate pedal use into their playing in order to create a fuller and more vibrant sound. This book includes both original compositions and excerpts from famous works by composers such as Beethoven and Debussy.



Puccini: Three Operatic Arias
Arranged by Edwin McLean

FJH1238 / 5.95

Late Intermediate
Accessible and appealing, these keyboard arrangements of Puccini’s most beloved operatic arias offer the late intermediate performer a wonderful opportunity for expressive playing. Students will find that the pieces contained in this volume fit their hands well and offer good use of texture and range.




A World of Cowboy Favorites
Arranged by Victor Galindo

FJH1220 / 4.95

Early Elementary
This enjoyable collection is arranged for the beginning pianist who has some knowledge of accidentals and simple meters. Most pieces are in Middle C position with occasional hand position changes. Features optional teacher duets. Includes: Red River Valley, The Streets of Laredo, Green Grow the Lilacs, Oh Bury Me Not, and more.

Listen to Samples:

Home on the Range

Oh Bury Me Not

Red River Valley

The Streets of Laredo



A World of Folk Songs
Arranged by Victor Galindo

FJH1166 / 4.95

Early Elementary
Delightful beginning-level pieces from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. All arrangements are written in Middle C position, and include optional teacher duets. Superb for use as sightreading material or for performance. Includes: The Happy Geese, Sweet Rain, This Old Man, Billy Boy, La Cucaracha, and more.



A World of Folk Songs, Book 2
Victor Galindo

FJH1301 / 4.95

Book 2 of Victor Galindo's exceptional World of Folk Songs series offers the elementary pianist a wonderful collection of internationally recognized folk songs. Each song is presented with a fascinating description of its origin. Wonderfully written teacher accompaniments enhance the appeal.



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