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Piano Solos

Sparkling and lyrical pieces which promote musical expression.

Wynn-Anne Rossi


Eat My Vegetables!

W9144 / 2.50

This clever piece is sure to be popular with your elementary students because of its 12-bar blues form and funny, clever lyrics. You’ll love its syncopation and driving beat!


Build a Blanket House

W9057 / 2.50

This delightful solo is fun to sing and play! Features 5-finger scales in contrary motion and some chromaticism, with an emphasis on reading steps and skips.

Late Elementary


Nuts & Bolts

W9059 / 2.50

This clever, "mechanical-sounding" solo is great fun to play. Based on a whole-tone scale, the piece is highly patterned, which makes learning and memorizing easy.



Old Man Oak Tree

W9273 / 2.50

This late elementary piece describes a favorite peaceful place to spend time alone! Written in the key of G major and in 4/4 time, students will enjoy the lyrical melody and carefree lyrics depicting an old and restful oak tree retreat.



One Inch Taller

W9141 / 2.50

Playful solo is about a child who is proud to be "one inch taller." Containing clever words that will appeal to a wide age range, this piece is highlighted by its fresh harmonies, rhythms, and syncopation.


Shadow Paintings

W9159 / 2.50

An expressive piece your students will truly enjoy playing, Shadow Paintings features both right-hand and left-hand melody, legato pedal, major 6th chords, and beautiful lyrics.




Memories of Midnight

W9058 / 2.95

This impressionistic-style piece paints the story of a horseback ride through the woods in the deepest night. Will encourage imaginative performance.

Listen to a Sample:

Memories of Midnight



W9271 / 2.95

This intermediate/late intermediate level piece embodies a distinct quality that students and teachers will find refreshing. Written in 6/8 and 9/8 time, students will experience the unique mood of this piece though the eighth-note rhythmic movement and the flowing legato lines.



Quartal Scherzo

W9161 / 2.50

The word "Quartal" refers to harmony that is based on the fourth. That only begins to capture the playful spirit of this Scherzo. Changing meters, quick exchanges between hands, and a four octave range give Quartal a broad, improvisational sound.



Wind Chimes

W9146 / 2.95

Fresh, contemporary-sounding piece features a hypnotic left-hand ostinato, delicate textures, changing meter, singing right-hand melody and legato pedaling. This charming solo offers modern harmonies and repeated left-hand patterns which make it easy to play and memorize.


Late Intermediate


Diamonds on the Water

W9063 / 2.95

This gorgeous, accessible solo is a great introduction to the sounds of the Impressionist composers. Provides an opportunity to explore a variety of nuances with timbre, texture, range, and pedal effects.

Listen to a Sample:

Diamonds on the Water


Early Advanced


Star Sailing

W9157 / 2.95

With a gentle, breezy introduction, this piece sets out to sea, navigating by starlight! New age rhythms and harmonies journey through the lively waves, becoming ever more familiar. Chordal in the right hand; the left keeping the tidal motion continuous. Lots of spontaneous flowing passages as the winds pick up, until finally we are at full sail with the return of the original themes. Students will enjoy bringing this wonderfully lush, contemporary piece to life!


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