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Video Conference with Dr. Helen Marlais

Bring the pages of your pedagogy class to life with a live video conference class session presented by Dr. Helen Marlais, author of the Succeeding at the Piano® instructional piano method.

This complimentary live session will take your pedagogy class through the All-in-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano, Preparatory Book A. Students will learn first hand from the writer how the pedagogy in the All in One Approach teaches the essentials of piano playing in just one book! Perfectly designed for a 30 minute lesson, even busy students will be Succeeding at the Piano in no time at all.

Dr. Marlais will explain her pedagogical philosophy and the key factors that comprise this exceptional method, including: the presentation of technique, the reading system, the superb variety of motivational music by multiple composers, and the way musicality is incorporated right from the beginning.

There will be time at the end of this 60 minute session for Helen to answer your pedagogy students' questions.

The video session will be presented via FaceTime. The FJH Music Company Inc. will provide your students complimentary packets of the publications presented in the session in advance so they can follow along.

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