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Helen Marlais'
Succeeding at the Piano®
A Method for Everyone

What could be better than Dr. Helen Marlais’ joy-filled and pedagogically sound approach to teaching the piano combined with top pedagogical composers and time-tested classics? Experience this exceptional new piano method!

  • An integrated approach using the strongest pedagogy of today.
  • Students learn to read in an ideal way by combining Middle C, intervallic, and multi-key reading approaches. They learn intervals early, which promotes excellent reading.
  • Students learn to internalize rhythm. In this way, rhythm is learned like a language—easy when learned young!
  • Musicality is taught and reinforced throughout the method. Engaging visual icons remind students to listen and imagine!
  • Technique is fully integrated into the Lesson and Technique Book ensuring that students learn technique correctly from the beginning!
  • Terrific motivational music by multiple composers keeps the repertoire interesting and varied.
  • The Lesson and Technique Book is to be used with the Recital Book and Theory and Activity Book for a fun, well-rounded approach to learning music. A special Merry Christmas Book with activities, Flash Card Friend, and Sticker Book are also available for each level!
  • The accompaniment tracks are innovative as well as educational. Students even have the opportunity to hear fully-orchestrated accompaniments.


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