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  • Playable by smaller ensembles with instrumentation challenges
  • Flexibility with brass, woodwinds, and strings with percussion
  • Usable in chamber music settings

Jungle Dance

Brian Balmages
Grade: 2.5

This captivating musical celebration portrays the strong energy of all life in the jungle. The piece cleverly uses a melody that never changes throughout the entire work – rather, all the surrounding harmonies and textures constantly evolve as the music develops. Ultimately, the melody is layered on top of itself numerous times along with the countermelodies that have been heard throughout the work. A large battery of percussion completes the orchestration in a work that is certain to impress. (3:00)

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: B1886 65.00
Score Only: B1886S 9.00
Full Band Version: B1476 55.00