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The Hive

(Survival and Sacrifice)
Erik Morales
Grade: 3.5–4

This serious programmatic work depicts a day in the life of a honeybee hive by drawing on various musical effects throughout. The opening section, Daybreak, is tranquil and serene, yet intensifies as the hive becomes active. A flurry of musical activity accompanies the next section, Scouting for Pollen, as forager bees disperse. Other interesting sections include Directional Tango, Her Majesty, the Queen, Hungry Bear (depicting the ransacking of the hive), and New Cycle Begins, during which several of the previous themes come back in a brilliant collage of musical sounds and textures. Experience the full gamut of styles in this brilliant and highly entertaining work! (6:00)

Audio Only:
Item No.
Full Set: B1368 85.00
Score Only: B1368S 12.00