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Warm-up Fundamentals

for Concert Band
Gregg Gausline and Brian Balmages

Warm-up Fundamentals was conceived as a tool for directors to use as part of a daily ensemble routine. It covers important fundamental concepts such as breathing, long tones, interval slurs, articulation, flexibility, chords and chorales. Each section breaks concepts down to their most fundamental elements before integrating them together. This gradual approach to the ensemble warm-up helps extend the practical applications of these exercises well into rehearsals and performances. Each instrument part fits on one folded piece of paper, so it’s extremely practical in size and can easily fit inside a folder without issue. These warm-ups are also ideal for guest conducting appearances such as honor bands, where conductors need to achieve a uniform sound in a short amount of time.

  • Breathing – Build breath support and lung capacity
  • Long Tones – Approached with phrasing in mind
  • Interval Slurs – Both descending and ascending
  • Articulation – Designed to promote air flow in addition to clarity and speed
  • Flexibility – Octave studies for woodwinds and lip slurs for brass
  • Chord Studies – Chord building, section droning, and unison / chord exercises
  • Chorales – Progressive chorales that begin with small interval movement and short phrases to allow focus on sound and intonation
  • Balance – Focus on section, instrument family and full ensemble
  • Phrasing – All exercises are designed with ensemble phrasing in mind
  • Efficient – No big part books! Individual parts easily fit into folders and allow for quick navigation to save rehearsal time
  • Practical – Ideal for guest conducting appearances
  • Introductory Text – Discusses each section in detail and provides suggestions

Item No.
Full Set: B1494 75.00
Score Only: B1494S 11.00
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