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Concert Band

Miles of Blue Balmages, Brian  FJH Symphonic Band4B1792
To Her Majesty's Delight Owens, William  FJH Young Band2.5B1793
American Dance Episode Morales, Erik  FJH Symphonic Band4B1794
Brigid's Cross Hall, JaRod  FJH Concert Band3B1795
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (on a poem by William Wordsworth)Loest, Timothy  FJH Beginning Band1B1796
Secret Agent Rock Rogers, Mekel  FJH Developing Band1.5B1797
Slavic Festival Rogers, Mekel  FJH Beginning Band1B1798
Crowns of Glory Wilds, Jack  FJH Young Band2.5B1799
Celtic Ritual and Dance Rogers, Mekel  FJH Starter Series0.5B1800
Energy! Sims, Adrian B.  FJH Young Band2.5B1801
Heart of Gold Balmages, Brian  FJH Young Band2.5B1802
Everybody Sang (In a Universal Language)Wilds, Jack  FJH Concert Band3B1803
Spooky Mansion Loest, Timothy  FJH Starter Series0.5B1804
High Impact Loest, Timothy  FJH Young Band2B1805
Tectonic Plates Sims, Adrian B.  FJH Concert Band3.5B1806
Il Mazzamurello (The Whimsical Italian Elf)Oppido, Vincent  FJH Symphonic Band5B1807
To Dance Among the Stars Balmages, Brian  FJH Concert Band3B1808
Tripwire Hall, JaRod  FJH Young Band2B1809
Fair Shake (Rock 'n' Roll Tambourine Feature)Loest, Timothy  FJH Beginning Band1B1810
Danza del Toro Nitsch, Jason K.  FJH Young Band2B1811
Pixelated World Balmages, Brian  FJH Symphonic Band4B1812
Multnomah (Legend of the Falls)Owens, William  FJH Young Band2.5B1813
Crossing the Rubicon Sheldon, Robert  MOS Performance Series1B1814
Rust Belt Owens, William  FJH Starter Series0.5B1815
Sultana: 1865 Standridge, Randall D.  FJH Concert Band3B1816
We Wish You a Scary Christmas! Standridge, Randall D.  FJH Developing Band1.5B1817
Champions Rising Sims, Adrian B.  FJH Developing Band1.5B1818
Wellspring Wilds, Jack  FJH Young Band2.5B1819
Leap of Faith (Fanfare)Wilds, Jack  FJH Starter Series0.5B1820
Arctic Wars (Rise of the Penguin Army)Balmages, Brian  FJH Beginning Band1B1821
Dancing Lights Standridge, Randall D.  FJH Young Band2B1822
Storm Newbold, Soon Hee  FJH Developing Band1.5B1823
Critical Call Hall, JaRod  FJH Developing Band1.5B1824
Fanfare for 'Our Time' Grant, Tyler S.  FJH Young Band2B1825
Slavonic Dance No. 7 (Opus 46)Dvorák, AntonínPyter, Steven J. FJH Symphonic Band4B1826
Pride of the Clipper Balmages, Brian  FJH Symphonic Band4B1827
Colliding Visions   (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative1B1828
Moscow, 1941   (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative2B1829
Blue Ridge Reel   (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative3B1830
Arith-Metric No. 1   (Adaptable)Balmages, Brian  The Reimagine Initiative3B1831
Alarm   (Adaptable)Standridge, Randall D.  The Reimagine Initiative1B1832
Voyage of the Dragon Armada   (Adaptable)Loest, Timothy  The Reimagine Initiative0.5B1833
Champions Rising   (Adaptable)Sims, Adrian B.  The Reimagine Initiative1.5B1834
Energy!   (Adaptable)Sims, Adrian B.  The Reimagine Initiative2.5B1835
Tambora!   (Adaptable)Owens, William  The Reimagine Initiative0.5B1836
Epic Venture   (Adaptable)Grant, Tyler S.  The Reimagine Initiative2.5B1837
Lost Woods Fantasy   (Adaptable)Hall, JaRod  The Reimagine Initiative1.5B1838
Union March   (Adaptable)Rogers, Mekel  The Reimagine Initiative1B1839
Dark Ride   (Adaptable)Standridge, Randall D.  The Reimagine Initiative1.5B1840
Chorale and Mystic Chant   (Adaptable)Loest, Timothy  The Reimagine Initiative1B1841
Kinetic Dances   (Adaptable)Standridge, Randall D.  The Reimagine Initiative3.5B1842
Destiny Fanfare   (Adaptable)Rogers, Mekel  The Reimagine Initiative1B1843
Centennium Balmages, Brian FJH Symphonic Band4.5B1844
Deimos (Bringer of Terror)Loest, Timothy FJH Starter Series0.5B1845
Wings to the Mind Balmages, Brian FJH Starter Series0.5B1847
Scottish Festival, A Balmages, Brian FJH Beginning Band1B1849
Nightride Sheldon, Robert FJH Concert Band3.5B1850
Grid, The Sims, Adrian B.  FJH Young Band2B1851
Nebula Standridge, Randall D. FJH Developing Band1.5 - 2B1852
Breaking Through Balmages, Brian FJH Concert Band3.5 - 4B1853
Builder's Dream, A Sims, Adrian B. FJH Developing Band1.5B1854
Woodpecker Convention (Wood Block Feature)Loest, Timothy FJH Starter Series0.5B1855
Loch Lomond Hall, JaRod FJH Young Band2B1856
Looking Up! Sheldon, Robert MOS Performance Series1.5B1859
Flashfire Standridge, Randall D.  FJH Young Band2.5B1860
Wilderness, The Galante, Rossano  HAFABRA Music5HFB2017
They Solemnly Served Galante, Rossano  HAFABRA Music3.5HFB2018
La cathédrale résiliente Camphouse, Mark  HAFABRA Music5+HFB2019
Flight to the Moon Haeck, Jean-Pierre  HAFABRA Music4HFB2020
Four Short Fanfares Wada, Naoya  HAFABRA Music3.5 - 4HFB2021
Dance of the Imps (La danse des diablotins)Bômont, Laurent  HAFABRA Music4HFB2022
Arabian Dances (Flex Band)Balmages, Brian  FJH Flex4B1848
Carpathia (Flex Band)Owens, William  FJH Flex1.5 - 2B1862
Flourishes (Flex Band)Owens, William  FJH Flex2.5 - 3B1861
Suite Treats (Flex Band)Various  FJH Flex3 - 4B1863