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FJH Beginning Band

(Grade 1) Appropriate within the first year of instruction and beginning of the second year. Clarinets do not go above the break, and there is limited use of accidentals. Plenty of doublings in the lower voices.

Proclamation Balmages, Brian 1B1006 
Emerald Bay Gruner, Greg 1B1013 
Rite of Passage Balmages, Brian 1B1018 
Bridgeway March Hilliard, Quincy C. 1B1060 
March of the Nobles Root, Thomas 1B1066 
Thundercrest Hilliard, Quincy C. 1B1068 
Jingle Bell Brass TraditionalBalent, Andrew1B1072 
Four of a Kind Hilliard, Quincy C. 1B1077 
Honor Roll, The Longfield, Robert 1B1082 
Snow Country Myers, David A. 1B1083 
Legend Balmages, Brian 1B1091 
Dragonfly Balmages, Brian 1B1092 
Alligator Alley Taylor, Les 1B1093 
Boomwhacker® Bagatelle Lepper / Taylor 1B1094 
Loco Motion Taylor, Les 1B1095 
Crazy Cat Taylor, Les 1B1096 
Rock Sticks Taylor, Les 1B1097 
Chesapeake Serenade Balmages, Brian 1B1109 
Little Bit O' Licorice, A Myers, David A. 1B1110 
Old Glory (Concert March)Taylor, Les 1B1114 
Zip Drive Taylor, Les 1B1115 
Gettysburg Balmages, Brian 1B1120 
Amazing Grace Traditional HymnBalent, Andrew1B1125 
American Pride Balent, Andrew 1B1130 
Lullaby for Clarinets Balent, Andrew 1B1131 
Tamiami Trail, The Taylor, Les 1B1132 
Six Tone Builders, Set 1 Conley, Lloyd 1B1135 
Six Tone Builders, Set 2 Conley, Lloyd 1B1158 
Drums on the Housetop Hanby, Benjamin R.Loest, Timothy1B1159 
Largo (from Symphony No. 9)Dvorák, AntonínSharp, Chris1B1162 
Holly Jolly Christmas, A Marks, JohnnyJohns, Tom1B1173 
Saxcapade Myers, David A. 1B1179 
Smithsonian Suite Balmages, Brian 1B1189 
Ragtime Dance Sebesky, Gerald 1B1196 
Eight Chorales for Elementary Band Hilliard, Quincy C. 1B1200 
Onward Conley, Lloyd 1B1215 
Equus Morales, Erik 1B1227 
Good King's Christmas, A TraditionalDel Borgo, Elliot1B1231 
Dragon Slayer Grice, Rob 1B1232 
Vision Quest Sharp, Chris 1B1233 
Courtly Dance and Procession Balmages, Brian 1B1234 
Chorale and Mystic Chant Loest, Timothy 1B1236 
Temple of Darkness Grice, Rob 1B1244 
Hunting Song (The Keeper Would A-Hunting Go) Balent, Andrew1B1247 
O Tannenbones (Trombone Feature) Loest, Timothy1B1251 
Sahara Barrett, Roland 1B1257 
Funtango Sharp, Chris 1B1262 
Family Fugue Loest, Timothy 1B1263 
Olympia Balmages, Brian 1B1270 
Of Gentle Spirit Owens, William 1B1277 
Last Dragon, The Grice, Rob 1B1288 
Affirmation Owens, William 1B1302 
Majestica Balmages, Brian 1B1303 
Trash Cancerto (An Uncanny Work in a Classical Style)Loest, Timothy 1B1317 
Parade of the Gladiators Owens, William 1B1326 
Ten Masters in Two Minutes VariousLoest, Timothy1B1328 
Winged Victory (Beacons of Light) Elementary Supplemental (A)Balmages, Brian 1B1341 
Canterbury Christmas, A  Loest, Timothy1B1351 
Rocky Mountain Romp Balmages, Brian 1B1356 
Jingle Bells Remixed Pierpont, JamesRoszell, Patrick1B1370 
Spacious Firmament on High, The (Adapted from The Creation)Haydn, Franz JosephSharp, Chris1B1379 
Traffic Jam Loest, Timothy 1B1380 
Summit Fanfare Owens, William 1B1383 
Pirates of the Barbary Coast Loest, Timothy 1B1399 
Reason Is the Season, The TraditionalOwens, William1B1406 
Through the Mist Balmages, Brian 1B1420 
Terracotta Owens, William 1B1422 
Corps of Discovery (The Great Voyage)Owens, William 1B1428 
El Pato Loco (The Crazy Duck)Owens, William 1B1441 
Tango Bells (Tango All the Way!)Pierpont, JamesLoest, Timothy1B1444 
Colliding Visions Balmages, Brian 1B1452 
Antiphon Owens, William 1B1473 
Union March Rogers, Mekel 1B1485 
Tomorrow's Yesterdays Balmages, Brian 1B1493 
Curtain Up! Complete Concert Beginning Band Vol. 1 Various 1B1496 
Autumn Fanfare Rogers, Mekel 1B1507 
Pictures at an Exhibition Mussorgsky, ModestLoest, Timothy1B1512 
Fanfare and Fireworks Balmages, Brian 1 - 1.5B1516 
Hark!  Owens, William1B1518 
Reason to Rock Fraley, Ryan 1B1533 
House of Lords Rogers, Mekel 1B1542 
Clumsy Clown, The Simon, Neil 1B1551 
Two Renaissance Dances  Rogers, Mekel1B1554 
Ruins of Tulum, The Wilds, Jack 1B1568 
Ghost Lights Loest, Timothy 1B1569 
Cubano Bueno Rogers, Mekel 1B1584 
Jingle Bells! Samba Bells! Pierpont, JamesOwens, William1B1585 
Silver Skies Rogers, Mekel 1B1593 
Gameday Battle Lortz, Mark 1B1601 
...At Twilight Grant, Tyler S. 1B1602 
Fanfare on a Theme of Imagination Balmages, Brian 1B1619 
Whirling Novas Wilds, Jack 1B1622 
When Robots Rule the World Loest, Timothy 1B1634 
Woodwork Factory, The Rogers, Mekel 1B1635 
Starry Night Loest, Timothy 1B1650 
Prime Rogers, Mekel 1B1662 
Spirit of the Stallion Balmages, Brian 1B1668 
Ten Marches in Two Minutes TraditionalLoest, Timothy1B1677 
Snap Clap Swing Rogers, Mekel 1B1703 
Camel Caravan Spineti, Joel 0.5 - 1B1704 
Calypso Beach Collins-Dowden, Mike 1B1705 
Festive Fanfare, A Balmages, Brian 1B1718 
Journey of the Bonfire Owens, William 1B1719 
Letter to Santa, A TraditionalLoest, Timothy1 - 1.5B1724 
Two Renaissance Noels Traditional FrenchRogers, Mekel1B1734 
Radiance Balmages, Brian 1B1750 
Every Day New Owens, William 1B1756 
Oncoming Storm, The Rogers, Mekel 1B1764 
Abandoned Toy Shop Loest, Timothy 1B1771 
Alman Morley, ThomasDe Stefano, Chip1B1772 
Thrill Ride Balmages, Brian 1B1780 
Festive Finale, A Balmages, Brian 1B1789 
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (on a poem by William Wordsworth)Loest, Timothy 1B1796
Slavic Festival Rogers, Mekel 1B1798
Fair Shake (Rock 'n' Roll Tambourine Feature)Loest, Timothy 1B1810
Arctic Wars (Rise of the Penguin Army)Balmages, Brian 1B1821
Scottish Festival, A Balmages, Brian 1B1849