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FJH Starter Series

(Grade 0.5) Ideal for the first several months of instruction. These pieces are a comfortable length for students (about a half page of music) and are playable with as few as five instruments. All instruments are limited to a 6-note diatonic range. Several supplemental exercises are included to help teach different elements of each piece.

Miramar Fanfare Balmages, Brian 0.5B1156 
Conquest Balmages, Brian 0.5B1157 
Court of the Noble Trumpeteers Loest, Timothy 0.5B1198 
Jingle Bell Tones Balmages, Brian 0.5B1206 
Slideways Loest, Timothy 0.5B1223 
Rise to Power Grice, Rob 0.5B1243 
American Folk Song Portrait Loest, Timothy 0.5B1266 
Midnight Mission (from Midnight Suite)Balmages, Brian 0.5B1269 
Samba La Bamba Owens, William 0.5B1276 
Country Caper Grice, Rob 0.5B1286 
Aruba Tuba Loest, Timothy 0.5B1290 
Santa on the Housetop Hanby, Benjamin R.Owens, William0.5B1294 
Midnight Sky (from Midnight Suite)Balmages, Brian 0.5B1321 
"Synergy" March Owens, William 0.5B1325 
Midnight Madness (from Midnight Suite)Balmages, Brian 0.5B1329 
Dance of the Jabberwocky Grice, Rob 0.5B1337 
Quest of the Black Knight Loest, Timothy 0.5B1344 
Nutcracker, The (Overture and Trepak)Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichBalmages, Brian0.5B1360 
Cowboy Cattle Drive Loest, Timothy 0.5B1361 
Battle of the Samurai Loest, Timothy 0.5B1364 
Pegasus Owens, William 0.5B1365 
Starsplitter Fanfare Balmages, Brian 0.5B1390 
Chariot Race Owens, William 0.5B1395 
Gentle Winds Loest, Timothy 0.5B1409 
Hallelujah Chorus Handel, George FridericLoest, Timothy0.5B1415 
Fanfare on "Ode to Joy" from Symphony No. 9Beethoven, Ludwig vanOwens, William0.5B1425 
Attack of the Garden Gnomes Loest, Timothy 0.5B1427 
Casey's Last Run Loest, Timothy 0.5B1447 
Creatures in the Attic Balmages, Brian 0.5B1451 
Chisholm Owens, William 0.5B1461 
March of the Champions Loest, Timothy 0.5B1464 
Diary of a Grumpy Elf Loest, Timothy 0.5B1482 
Curtain Up! Complete Concert Starter Series Vol. 1 Various 0.5B1495 
Flying High Owens, William 0.5B1506 
Shepherd's Hey Grainger, PercyDe Stefano, Chip0.5B1520 
Sousa's Cadets  Loest, Timothy0.5B1526 
Tambora! Owens, William 0.5B1540 
Lullaby for Winds Loest, Timothy 0.5B1545 
Jester Dance Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1548 
Knightly Procession Wilds, Jack 0.5B1579 
Full Circle Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1580 
Battle Command Owens, William 0.5B1582 
Klezmer Clarinets Loest, Timothy 0.5B1583 
Bravado Tango Wilds, Jack 0.5B1624 
Earth Shock Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1625 
Fortitude Owens, William 0.5B1651 
Teleportation Loest, Timothy 0.5B1656 
Across the Serengeti Wilds, Jack 0.5B1658 
Snooze Alarm Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1665 
Stormchasing Owens, William 0.5B1678 
Rather Bumpy Sleigh Ride, A TraditionalRogers, Mekel0.5B1687 
Bringer of War Balmages, Brian 0.5B1695 
El Vaquero! Owens, William 0.5B1708 
Voyage of the Dragon Armada Loest, Timothy 0.5B1717 
Legend of Boudica, The Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1725 
No Worries Spineti, Joel 0.5B1729 
If It Ain't Baroque... VariousLoest, Timothy0.5B1731 
Band on the Housetop Hanby, Benjamin R.Loest, Timothy0.5B1746 
Dance Slav Wilds, Jack 0.5B1754 
Knights of Victory Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1763 
Algo-Rhythms Loest, Timothy 0.5B1765 
Danza Feliz Owens, William 0.5B1778 
Furiant Wilds, Jack 0.5B1785 
Celtic Ritual and Dance Rogers, Mekel 0.5B1800
Spooky Mansion Loest, Timothy 0.5B1804
Rust Belt Owens, William 0.5B1815
Leap of Faith (Fanfare)Wilds, Jack 0.5B1820
Deimos (Bringer of Terror)Loest, Timothy 0.5B1845
Wings to the Mind Balmages, Brian 0.5B1847
Woodpecker Convention (Wood Block Feature)Loest, Timothy 0.5B1855