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Chorales and Beyond

Timothy Loest and Chip DeStefano


This incredible resource is an ideal way to expand or vary the daily routine of your ensemble while developing essential fundamental concepts of sound and intonation. Daily routines cover breathing, long tones, pitch matching, intervals, scales, arpeggios, chords and chorales. All chorales are written in four-part harmony with all parts appearing in each instrument book for ultimate flexibility with instrumentation. Centered around 10 common major and minor keys, each includes a daily routine and three cycles that can be used to provide constant variety and freshness. Personal warm-ups and musical terms are also included along with vibrant and engaging percussion writing from longtime master educator and percussionist Kevin Lepper!

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Instrument Books Available:

BB211CS / 29.95

BB211FL / 6.50

BB211OB / 6.50

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax/Bari Sax

BB211BSN / 6.50

BB211CL / 6.50

BB211ASX / 6.50

Tenor Sax
French Horn

BB211TSX / 6.50

BB211TPT / 6.50

BB211FHN / 6.50

Baritone BC
Baritone TC

BB211TBN / 6.50

BB211BBC / 6.50

BB211BTC / 6.50


BB211TU / 6.50

BB211PER / 6.50



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