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Classics for Two

Selected and arranged by Andrew Balent

Arranged to be playable by any combination of band instruments, these duets cover a wide range of styles from the Baroque Period to the 20th Century. Difficulty ranges from grades II through IV, providing a great deal of flexibility for the needs of young musicians. In addition to the mallet duet lines, the percussion book provides an optional percussion line that can be used in place of or in addition to a duet line. Perfect for smaller ensembles with unusual instrumentation and for solo and ensemble festivals.


I-1023 / 6.50
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I-1024 / 5.95


B Clarinet
I-1025 / 6.50


E Alto/Baritone Saxophone
I-1026 / 5.95

B Tenor Saxophone
I-1027 / 5.95


B Trumpet
I-1028 / 5.95

French Horn
I-1029 / 5.95


I-1030 / 5.95

I-1031 / 6.50


I-1032 / 6.50
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Piano Accompaniment
I-1033 / 6.50
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