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Erik Morales began his composing career shortly after graduation from high school in south Florida. He studied composition at Florida International University, and completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Accessible at all levels, the music of Erik Morales has a unique melodic and harmonic vocabulary that appeals to audiences worldwide. His published works encompass a large variety of styles and settings, including works for concert, orchestral, jazz and chamber ensembles and have been part of featured performances across the globe. Mr. Morales currently teaches and plays trumpet professionally in the New Orleans area, in addition to maintaining an active composing and conducting schedule.

Explore Publications by Erik Morales

Angels We Have Heard on High Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1182 
Da Vinci Sketches Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1211 
Rhythmata Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1216 
Three Meditations Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1217 
Equus Concert BandFJH Beginning Band1B1227 
Great American Frontier, The Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1230 
Revolution (Scherzo for Band)Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1260 
O, Holy Night Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1264 
Aztec Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1265 
Urban Dances Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1272 
December Sky Concert BandFJH Developing Band1.5B1282 
Through Darkened Sleepy Hollow Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1299 
Grand Canyon Jubilee (Fanfare and March)Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1312 
Fantasia on a Christmas Carol (based on O Come, All Ye Faithful)Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1314 
Raiders of the High Seas Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1330 
Thunderscape Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1332 
Impossible Machine, The (Perpetual Motion)Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1339 
Epiphany Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1343 
With Ever Joyful Hearts Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1355 
Hive, The (Survival and Sacrifice)Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5 - 4B1368 
Forest Brook Overture Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1373 
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1381 
Four Moons Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1388 
Sunburst Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1391 
Rockwell Portrait Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1404 
I'll Be Home for Christmas Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1413 
Red Baron, The Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1417 
Dakota Fanfare Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1423 
Good King Wence-SALSA! Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1442 
Soaring! Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1453 
March of the Patriots Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1455 
We Wish You a Mambo Christmas Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band5B1457 
First We Dream Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1467 
Winds of Destiny Concert BandFJH Young Band2B1474 
Rhythm of the Spheres Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5 - 3B1475 
Wingwalker Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1500 
Caliber Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1529 
Harlequin Dance Concert BandFJH Young Band2.5B1532 
Reverie Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1538 
America, The Beautiful Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1571 
Fantastic Journey Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5B1614 
One Giant Leap Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1616 
Runaway Circus Train Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1648 
Keepers of the Fire Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1660 
Reign of Fire Concert BandFJH Concert Band3.5 - 4B1709 
Fable Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1720 
Haywire Concert BandFJH Concert Band3B1738 
American Dance Episode Concert BandFJH Symphonic Band4B1794
Fat City Swing Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2.5JE4029 
Recuerdos del corazón (Memories from the Heart)Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4056 
Crescent River Ramble Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4074 
It's All About You Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1JE4078 
Sermon, The Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4090 
Carnaval Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2JE4092 
Wooly Bully Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1JE4096 
Blues für Elise Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3.5JE4098 
Madrid Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4JE4108 
Bone Yard, The Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3.5JE4109 
Finding You Here Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4116 
Just Playin' Around Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2.5JE4119 
Blue Sky for a Rainy Day Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4127 
In the Doghouse Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2.5JE4128 
Shake, Twist, and Jump Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2JE4132 
Feelin' the Funk Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4137 
Quiet Steps Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2JE4143 
Kaleidoscope Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4152 
Blue Tiger Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3.5 - 4JE4155 
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6035 
Relic String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6143 
Ukrainian Bell Carol String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6169 
Danny Boy String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6189 
Ghost Carnival String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6202 
What Dreams May Come String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6231 
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5 - 4ST6297 
String Me Along String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6330 
Silent Night String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6363 
Shenandoah String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6383