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Helen Marlais

Helen Marlais

Dr. Marlais’ dedication to pedagogy for the young is sincere and unwavering. She has given more than 500 pedagogical presentations and master classes for pre-college students since 2002. One of the joys of her life has been creating materials to support piano teachers as they guide young musicians. The piano series that she has developed and written for The FJH Music Company have become an integral part of piano students’ repertoire across the country and abroad. Excellent external reviews have come from the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA), Canada, and the USA. The series, Succeeding at the Piano®, and The All-in-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano®, Succeeding with the Masters®, The Festival Collection®, and In Recital® all have companion recordings. Other series that round out The FJH Pianist’s Curriculum are: Sight Reading and Rhythm Every Day®, Energize Your Fingers Every Day®, Play Your Scales and Chords Every Day®, The FJH Intervallic Reading Series®. Write, Play, and Hear Your Theory Every Day®, the FJH Adult Piano Curriculum, and In Recital® for the Advancing Pianist. The Contemporary Keyboard Editions® focuses on piano music by contemporary art-music composers. Several of the series above have been translated for, and released in, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

Music by Helen Marlais