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Rob Vuono, Jr.

Rob Vuono, Jr.

Composer and arranger Rob Vuono, Jr. is currently the advanced courses arranging instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia. Rob received his formal training at both the Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College of Music, studying classical composition and orchestration with Dr. Leo Edwards, Giampaolo Bracali, and David Loeb. Additionally, Rob studied arranging with Johnny Carisi, Jo Boyer, and Gil Evans. Rob has freelanced as a writer and performer in the New York area, and has been active as a jazz studies instructor for the International Art of Jazz program and director of the Stony Brook Jazz Ensemble at SUNY, Stony Brook, New York.

In 1986, Rob was hired as a writer and performer for the U.S. Navy Band, eventually securing the job of chief arranger for the U.S. Naval Academy Band in 1994. Rob writes for a wide variety of ensembles (jazz ensemble, wind ensemble, orchestra, choral groups, and chamber groups) and performers (the rock group Phish, the swing band Big Time Operator, and The Bluebonnet Brass). An accomplished trumpet and piano instrumentalist, Rob is currently active as a writer, performer, and bandleader, releasing recordings of arrangements by his own big band.

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No Lava Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble5JE4020 
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As I Recall Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4035 
I've Got the Pearl on a String Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4058 
Avenue 'R' Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4060 
Calling Dr. Chops Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4JE4069 
Fulvio's at Eight Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4070 
Quiscalus Quiscula Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4JE4075 
Swanee River Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4080 
Taste of Honey, A Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3.5JE4084 
Travelin' Home Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble5JE4085 
Walkin' with Jackie Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4088 
Riddle in Swing Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4094 
Both Hands Swingin' Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4JE4095 
Jump O'Clock One Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3.5JE4102 
Swing Spoken Here Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2JE4103 
Brat, The Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4.5JE4113 
Swing Shift Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4114 
Bop! Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4121 
Minor Shade of Blue, A Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2.5JE4122 
Relaxin' in Rhythm Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4123 
Jiver's License Jazz EnsembleFJH Advanced Jazz Ensemble4JE4131 
In the Swing of Things Jazz EnsembleFJH Developing Jazz Ensemble2JE4138 
Bugle 'n' Boogie Jazz EnsembleFJH Intermediate Jazz Ensemble3JE4140 
Crazy with the Blues Jazz EnsembleFJH Beginning Jazz Ensemble1.5JE4141