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Brown Shuffle

Lars Erik Gudim
Grade: 5

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Brown Shuffle was first recorded by Norway's Oslo Groove Company on their jaw-dropping album Anno 1990. Now, for the first time, this newly-engraved edition is available in the United States. Lars Erik Gudim's excellent scoring brings the full ensemble together with dovetailed flourishes and a hard 12/8 groove built from interlocking rhythms across the band. This fusion/shuffle chart features primary sections in 12/8, 15/8 and 9/8 with interspersed sections of straight-ahead swing in 4/4. Alto sax 1 doubles on soprano and flute, alto 2 doubles on flute, and trumpets 1 and 2 double on flugelhorns. The solos are scored for trumpet 2 and trombone 2 and can optionally be opened up for more. A wonderful chart for advanced groups!

Brown Shuffle
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Recording Credit: Oslo Groove Company

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