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New Release Club

Join the FJH New Release Club for Piano Teachers


When you join the FJH New Release Club, you will receive our newest publications at a 50% discount! It's An Opportunity No Piano Teacher Should Miss!

Every 8 to 12 weeks, The FJH Music Company offers a wide variety of new releases featuring original, pedagogically sound music, arrangements, and instructional materials. Written by top composers, clinicians and educators, each issue of new releases introduces 5-8 books and 8-10 solo sheets of carefully edited works, ranging from primer to level 5, and reflects the highest standards of piano teaching. Talented contributors include: Helen Marlais, Kevin Olson, Timothy Brown, Edwin McLean, Mary Leaf, Kevin Costley, and many more.

You can subscribe to receive one or two copies of each of our new releases in all levels or the levels of your choice. To receive a 50% discount, just choose a minimum of two levels.

A package containing all levels of the outstanding teaching materials you would receive as a New Release Club member is valued at about $80.00. But as a member, your cost would be just $40.00! In a year’s time, if you receive 4 packages, you’ll receive new publications valued at about $320.00 for just $160.00! Keep in mind, if you subscribe to fewer levels, your cost would be less. New Release Club members only pay for the levels they choose.

Best of all, you may change the levels of the new releases you’re receiving whenever you’d like. Also, you may cancel your membership at any time. Sign up below! Our new releases will be sent to you as soon as they they are published.

Have any questions? Contact us.


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